We no more than set foot in the cave when it appeared. Some monstrous worm or insect, or something of both. The size of an elephant. Chittering, squelching, buzzing, the sounds of rage at our presence. It reared, teeth spinning in the circular mouth that opened in its head. Then came down two terrible claws. There was a sharp scream beside me, but it was short. Then I noticed one of the claws was slick red. The smell of copper and offal filled the air. 

Alternative names: Keepers, Sentries of the Old Ones, Wardens.

A long, worm-like creature, its front rearing. All of its body is alien writing and runes. Its head sports multiple eyes and a wide, lamprey-like mouth with dozens of hooked teeth. On the underside are hundreds of tiny legs. Near the head are two long, segmented appendages, each ending with a single sickle-like claw.
Adoazar by DOTURNAL

Adoazar were created by the Elder Gods to watch over the tombs and prisons of the Great Old Ones. The beings were designed for one purpose – to kill anything that may approach the tombs lest they awaken the dead-but-dreaming gods. But the Elder Gods created them with one flaw – intelligence. Over the aeons, many grew bored of their duties and abandoned them. Others learned to be resentful of their masters. Some grew to hate humanity, seeing them as a threat that may disturb the rest of the Great Old Ones. These adoazar figured the best way to prevent this is to hunt the humans carrying the stench of the gods. A few others succumbed to the corrosive influence of their prisoners and serve new masters. Among those that did not neglect their obligation, most are dead. Almost no adoazar maintain their watch as the end times approach.  

Adoazar, jailers of the gods

STR5D6 x 590
CON4D6 x 570
SIZ(5D6+6) x 5105
DEX3D6 x 555
INT(2D6+6) x 565
POW(3D6+6) x 580

Average Hit Points: 18

Average Damage Bonus: +1D6

Average Build: +2

Average Magic Points: 16

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 2 (claws, bite)

Adoazar attack by stabbing with their sickle-like claws or biting. 

Impale: a warden only needs to score a Hard level of success to impale an opponent on their claws. 

FightingDodge60% (30/12), damage 1D6 + damage bonus. 26% (12/5)


Listen 80%, Sense Mythos Corruption 90%, Spot Hidden 80%. 

Armor: None but adoazar are immune to all mundane attacks, as well as electricity, fire, and acid. Adoazar are effectively immortal, dying only due to the violence. 

Spells: 25% chance of known 1D10 spells. Many learn spells to shapeshift so they may walk among humanity. 

Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to encounter an adoazar.  

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