Island of Ignorance: the Third Cthulhu Companion

Image is of a book cover. The illustration is a 1920's era female pouring over old occult manuscripts with a bottle of wine, it's accompanying glass and a pistol. Several tentacles ending in eyes and mouths descend from the library shelves behind her.

Following in the footsteps of the Chaosium classics, The Cthulhu Companion—Ghastly Adventures and Eldritch Lore and Fragments of Fear—The Second Cthulhu Companion, Golden Goblin Press is proud to present Island of Ignorance—The Third Cthulhu Companion, a collection of articles and scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

Island of Ignorance: the Third Cthulhu Companion is another gem from the good folks at Golden Goblin Press. This supplement is for keepers whose players demand more. This is the first supplement to carry trigger warnings. How’s that for pushing the horror envelope? You have been warned. It is far more a collection of scenarios. In the style that we have come to expect from Golden Goblin, this book starts with a collection of eight articles. Each of which is an excellent keeper resource.

The first such is a brief history of the Golden Goblin, mascot of the company. This section includes historical information as well as a new creature and spell. The treatment of the golden Goblin gives proper service to Robert E. Howard’s creation. Personally I love handing out “loot” that is actually a villain in its own right.

Next is The Walshes, a run down of a degenerate cult working as bootleggers. This section is a must for keepers running a gangland campaign. They can serve as the villains of a scenario or as seedy accomplices later to be found out. The gang comes complete with stats of members and their ship, as well as, a map of their base of operations.

Massa Di Requiem Per Shuggay: A history of The Devil’s Opera is a write up of another cursed work of performance art. This piece is allows a keeper to work with the concept of an infernal play without clueing in savvy players by using the same old saws. It also uses an enemy that I feel just doesn’t get enough screen time.
In Johnny Came Marching Home, the Keeper is given game mechanics for veterans. This is an excellent addition to the genre. The concept of the war torn doughboy is a staple but often gets reduced to stats and skills. With this short article a keeper with no military background can better handle the larger social and mental ramifications of combat veterans, whether they be PCs or NPCs.

In Dweller in Darkness the keeper gets it all in just a few pages, a Great old one, its cult, its servitor race, spells, NPCs, and two new tomes connected to same. Its always a treat to be able to throw something new and awful at your group.

The Knjiga Mrtua (or Book of the Dead) is an in depth look at a new mythos tome including different editions with their own desriptions and backstories.

The Silks of Irem describes a new Mythos item connected to the great Abdul Alhazred himself. As with all Mythos items these too are problematic to use properly. This item could be an excellent plot device for keepers with players attached to their investigators, but curious about other settings.

The last of the articles is my favorite keeper tool in ages. Raggedy Clothes and Worn out Shoes is simply inspired. In a handful of pages a keeper is handed the tools for a hobo campaign. If the terror of Eldrich horror is the puniness of man, then is that vulnerability not personified in the humble tramp? To think that that those driven to drink and madness by the mundane horrors of this world could be all that stands in the face of ineffable evil.

Next, we have a quintet of scenarios. The first of which is a tale of all too human monsters using the tools of society to feed their dark designs. This is a masterfully crafted scenario that in the hands of a skilled keeper will have your investigators turned around and unaware of the threats around them.

Secondly, is Let the Children Come to Me. This is the first Scenario, in my knowledge, to carry a trigger warning. It is deserved. That said, the subject matter is handled in a tasteful way. This is a truly unsettling adventure, to say the least. This is not a scenario for the easily offended or the faint of heart.

Lonely Point Lighthouse is a tale of betrayal and revenge that leaves investigators unsure as to who the true villains are.This is an excellent isolation horror piece, with enough intrigue and combat to please any group.

Darkness Illuminated gives us 20’s big pharma. This is a chance of a talented keeper to really creep out their investigators all while raising sticky ethical issues.

The handouts, maps, and pre-generated characters are all top notch and beautifully rendered. The Pre-generated Character Equipment List is a single page that just keeps giving. It’s a real time saver for keepers who write their own, or to answer, “What has he got in his pockets?”

This is a great purchase and a first in gaming. A definite plus to your gaming shelf. If you and your investigators are up for it, test your metal against Island of Ignorance.

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