Image hosting Guidelines

As with all content on, we do our best to ensure that all content creators are fully credited for their original works, as well as maintaining that they retain rights to their work.

For content creators

Thank you so very much. We deeply appreciate you leting us use your art on our site. We will do our best to display it properly and give you full credit.

For those using content

Found an image that you want to use with your post? Excellent! But first, make sure you get full permission from the content owner before uploading.  Google Images is a great thing, but generally links to a LOT of art that belongs to others, and no adding “public domain” to your search doesn’t protect you.  Google tries hard to figure out licenses for art, but it is not perfect.  Please do your homework so you can either credit Michaelangelo, or contact the artist/agency and get permission.  This is very important and ANY claims to copyright infringement will be handled immediately.

Posting Instructions

Image is a form displaying how to  use wordpress to aid in Website Accessibility

Please follow these guidelines

When you upload art to, you are shown this form. Please fill it out as follows:

  • Title: Enter the title of the piece here, or (if you have permission) maybe some flavor text such as “Coming to dinner?” on a photo of a shark.  We’re not too concerned about this field.
  • Caption: Here you *HAVE* to credit the artist and, if possible, link to their website.
  • Alt Text & Description: Here you describe the image.  Do not use flavor text here.  If you were talking to me on the phone, how would you describe the image? This is quite useful to our site impaired visitors as they are often equipped with special browsers/plugins that describe the images on the page to them using these descriptions.
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