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Free copy of The Adventures of Andrew Doran

A special limited time offer for friends of Enjoy the entire Adventures of Andrew Doran in this free pdf download.

Includes three stories from the Adventures of Andrew Doran!

Andrew Doran Box Set

Andrew Doran Box Set


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Announcing Elder Sign Radio!!

“Elder Sign” is a horror, neo-noir podcast set in modern day Seattle. The show follows the strange and terrifying adventures of Hazel Blair (Jasmine Jiang), a disgraced private investigator who suffered a mental break several years ago. Now back assisting the police as a consultant, Hazel stumbles upon a dark truth that lurks in the shadows of Seattle. Continue reading »

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Cthulhu Attacks! comes out next month … O, the MADNESS!

Lovely Shoggothians, I hope you’ll allow me a little bit of self-promotion. My long-in-the-works first volume of the Cthulhu Attacks! trilogy is out in August from Severed Press, and I’m excited. As you should be, too—just read the jacket copy after the jump and get ready for bad, bad things to happen to humanity.

It’s funny how you work so long on a book, and when it finally is being made a real book by your publisher, time starts zipping by! My lieges at Severed Press are hard at work getting the first book of the Cthulhu Attacks! Trilogy (The Fear) shipshape and ready to sail.

To whet your appetites, I include below the jacket copy for Book One.

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Graduate-level fiction workshop for Lovecraftians!

Hello, all. This is Sean Hoade, Assistant Acquisitions Poobah here at I wanted to let you know that a fiction workshop is going on that is focusing on tales of the macabre and even Lovecraftian (although any kind of fiction is welcome). Here’s my original call:

This is an Iowa-style graduate-level fiction workshop. It is being held in Las Vegas but anyone from anywhere can take part through live videoconferencing by Google Hangouts.

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New album by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets released worldwide!

The new album by The Darkest of the Hillside thickets is finally
available. It’s on and everything. It’s worldwide! Go get it! Continue reading »

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New Book Released

Arguably no fiction author has ever provided the inspiration for more music than has Howard Phillips Lovecraft. For the first time ever a book is available that explores the many musical tributes that have been paid to the author and his work.
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Skotos Releases H.P. Lovecraft Comic

Skotos Tech has released a new Cthulhu Mythos comic, Lovecraft Country: Return to Arkham. This moody black and white piece, available for free download… Continue reading »

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Don’t Awaken the Kraken

Can Abdullah figure out which of the shipboard passengers has an unhealthy interest in the Eye of the Kraken before the ship reaches Hyade Island?

JellyfishGreen spotted this: free game download! Continue reading »

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Endtimes Sale

Happy holidays everyone! To end the year right, Kthulhu Kitsch is having a year-end sale on all the stuff in our little shop of horrors. Continue reading »

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The Last Christmas

Penny Arcade, sponsors of the Child’s Play charity drive, are finishing this season with a little story of how our favorite Great Sleepyhead wakes up in time for Christmas dinner.

Penny Arcade

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