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Andrew Doran Box Set

Andrew Doran Box Set


Nazis, zombies, wizards, and beasts roam the path before Dr. Andrew Doran in this complete box set of all of his adventures!

Includes The Early Adventures of Andrew DoranThe Statement of Andrew Doran, and Andrew Doran at the Mountains of Madness.

The Early Adventures of Andrew Doran
Before Dr. Andrew Doran fought Nazis and Monsters, he was just a child like anyone else. What led him down the path toward defending humanity? What does a boy in the early 1920’s do when his entire world is turned upside down by the sudden intrusion of spirits and monsters?
This is the tale of the beginning of Andrew Doran.

The Statement of Andrew Doran

The Nazis have taken the Necronomicon from Miskatonic University’s library.

With it they could call upon every form of darkness and use the powers of the void to destroy all who stand in their way of unlimited power.
For years Doran has been at odds with Miskatonic University.

Putting his negative feelings aside, Andrew takes charge and heads straight into the Nazi controlled territories of Europe. Along his journey from America and into the heart of Berlin, the dark Traum Kult, or Dream Cult, has sent beasts from the void between worlds to slow his progress.
This is adventure and monsters unlike anything the anthropologist has ever experienced, and only with the assistance of the trigger-happy Leo and the beautiful Olivia, both members of the French Resistance, does Dr. Doran have any chance of success.

Andrew Doran at the Mountains of Madness
Narrowly saving the world from the cosmic advance of the Nazi armies, Andrew Doran is in loathing with his new position as Dean of Miskatonic University. The duties of a Dean are too slow for the lifestyle that Andrew had become accustomed to…

…but he doesn’t have to wait long until he finds that the previous Dean had sold documents to the Nazis direct from the library of Miskatonic University. Specifically, the documentation of a fateful voyage by Dr. William Dyer to the Antarctic and the horrors he faced there.

Knowing that the German army won’t hesitate to travel to the Antarctic and seize the alien weaponry that is held there, Andrew and his faithful companion, Leo, embark on an adventure to find the missing Dr. Dyer and beat the Nazis to the lost city in the frozen wasteland at the end of the world.

To make matters worse, Andrew is battling his own demons in the form of the physical manifestation of his own insanity.

Can Andrew find the missing William Dyer and beat the Nazi menace to the cache of weapons before his insanity literally consumes him?

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