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Stand and Deliver

The Game Master is a story teller. As such, he needs to be one of the key focal points of the game session. Think of him as the Ring Master at a circus. Even if he is not one of the performers, his job is to direct the attention and focus of the audience. When was the last time you saw a Ring Master that sat quietly in the corner or behind a partition? Never. He is always standing boldly in the center of the action, unless of course he is stepping aside so that the audience can give their attention to a performer, which is where he directs there attention.
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180 Degrees of Separation

In a tradition that dates back to the early days of role-playing, many Game Masters have become accustom to separating themselves from their players with that ubiquitous cardboard barrier known as the GM screen. Tradition is not always good.
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Rule #1: NO BOXED TEXT !

This is a mistake I see even experienced Game Masters make all too often, and it is one of my biggest pet peeves. You know those little boxes you find in published scenarios that are filled with description text or narration for the Game Master to read to the players? DON’T READ IT!

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Dead of Night: A One-Round GURPS Call of Cthulhu Scenario

Dead of Night
GM’s Background

This adventure can take place in any town of the GM’s choosing. It can be set in most time periods.

A colony of ghouls is operating out of a local graveyard on the property of Saint Joseph’s Catholic church. They have no particular animosity toward the townspeople, but this will change if they are provoked. They are a literate group and are primarily interested in access to the local public and university libraries. They also enjoy many of the same items as humans.

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A Curiosity: A One-Round Gaslight Adventure For Call Of Cthulhu 6th ed.

A Curiosity
March 10th 1870

Keeper’s Background

Three years ago Alfred Philbrick, who has been somewhat shunned by his upper class peers for his occult activities, purchased a house built over Wookey Hole Cave, a location long believed to be a locus of supernatural activity. He has invited the Investigators (three of whom are his peers and share his interest in the occult, the other three being servants of Philbrick’s friends) to a dinner party where he promises to show them “a curiosity.”

“Curiosities” were spectacles displayed and enjoyed by the upper crust of Victorian England and generally had occult overtones, as things occult and mystical were very much in vogue at the time.

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Trail of the Mummy: An Introductory Adventure For Trail Of Cthulhu

Trail of the Mummy
Wednesday, 28 March, 1934

Player’s Information

The traveling exhibit of a mummy arrived in Chicago for a two week showing, beginning Tuesday the 13th of March until Tuesday the 27th of March, 1934. This was the body of Akh (Axe), a lesser known priestess of Isis.

At 5:00 am on Wednesday the 28th, head curator Miles Jennings arrived at work to supervise the dismantling and shipping of the exhibit. He was shocked to find the bloody remains of Klaus Huntsman: the night watchman and custodian. He also discovered that the mummy had been stolen. Mr. Jennings has asked the Investigators to look into the matter, hoping to delay the attention of both police and press for fear of scandal.

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Dreamlands Music

I think this is excellent background music for the Dreamlands.

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Augustus Cantos Winners!

Our winners are:

  1. John Almack: Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah)
  2. Simon Yee: The Unspoken Silence
  3. Guy Incognito: Augustus Cantus: The Tenders of the Stone

Congrats to all that participated! To the winners, please reach out to to arrange your prizes!

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Lotus Eaters (Lotophagi)

The fog broke and the captain saw the island covered by rows and rows of lotus flowers. In the far distant hill overlooking the ocean the captain could see the people of the island picking the lotus to eat. A crude carving of their hideous God sat in the middle of their harvesting. The hungry men on the ship jumped for joy as they saw the sight. Bitterly the captain warned his men, “Not here! This is the land of the lotus-eaters… Go to shore and we will never leave.”

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The Unspoken Silence

“What happened to Citizen Felix?” The commander asked his men on patrol, “He was the only one to come back from that mountain excursion. I wanted to ask him more questions about what he saw and what became of the people that had wandered out there with him. He mentioned something about a monument or giant stone with a forgotten language carved on it.” His men reported that the man was found dead yesterday with his eyes gouged out with his lips sewn together. “Great Gods! Did anyone find the culprits?” His men shook their heads sadly. A Senator from the capitol had been listening to the conversation and spoke. “Best leave such curiosities to the silence and let such misfortune fade from our memory my dear young men.” The commander opened his mouth to say a query but was cut off by the senator’s two fingers over his lips. The rest of the men trembled and looked at each other in fright.

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