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Augustus Cantos Winners!

Our winners are:

  1. John Almack: Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah)
  2. Simon Yee: The Unspoken Silence
  3. Guy Incognito: Augustus Cantus: The Tenders of the Stone

Congrats to all that participated! To the winners, please reach out to to arrange your prizes!

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Lotus Eaters (Lotophagi)

The fog broke and the captain saw the island covered by rows and rows of lotus flowers. In the far distant hill overlooking the ocean the captain could see the people of the island picking the lotus to eat. A crude carving of their hideous God sat in the middle of their harvesting. The hungry men on the ship jumped for joy as they saw the sight. Bitterly the captain warned his men, “Not here! This is the land of the lotus-eaters… Go to shore and we will never leave.”

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The Unspoken Silence

“What happened to Citizen Felix?” The commander asked his men on patrol, “He was the only one to come back from that mountain excursion. I wanted to ask him more questions about what he saw and what became of the people that had wandered out there with him. He mentioned something about a monument or giant stone with a forgotten language carved on it.” His men reported that the man was found dead yesterday with his eyes gouged out with his lips sewn together. “Great Gods! Did anyone find the culprits?” His men shook their heads sadly. A Senator from the capitol had been listening to the conversation and spoke. “Best leave such curiosities to the silence and let such misfortune fade from our memory my dear young men.” The commander opened his mouth to say a query but was cut off by the senator’s two fingers over his lips. The rest of the men trembled and looked at each other in fright.

“Silence.” Continue reading »

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Las Vegas Brings You the “Weekend In Arkham” Lovecraftian Gaming Con!

All the evil Lovecraftian games!

Finally, something eldritchly cool is happening in Vegas! And it’s at the ultra-awesome Little Shop of Magic!

A Weekend in Arkham 2015

By John Coviello

It happens once a year, as the warm golden glow of autumn light fades, the pale moon grows heavy and large, and the air takes on a discomforting chill. The veil between worlds grows thin. Heathens and Cultists are rumored to visit ancient ruins to worship the Great Azathoth during this darkling season, ghouls are said to hunt for prey in misty graveyards, and the wicked descendants of the Salem witches are known to soar alongside cawing murders of crows as the cruel neon beams of the Northern Lights flicker across the vault of the sky.

A Weekend in Arkham is coming.

Our annual two-day festival of H.P. Lovecraft and tabletop gaming will take place at the brick-n-mortar Little Shop of Magic store in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 17-18! We invite you to join us in delving into the mysteries of the Ancient Ones, and confronting profound, unspeakable, Lovecraftian horrors.

This year’s celebration features plentiful opportunities to play your favorite games based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft: Elder Sign, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, Night of the Grand Octopus, Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and many more. Seating is limited in most of these events, so we recommend that you pre-register early in order to reserve your spot.

Savor playing your old favorites, learn a new Lovecraft-themed game, or even contribute to the effort by submitting your own event. You can learn more about the weekend’s events by accessing the schedule here.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop for a weekend of bone-chilling, thoroughly enjoyable horror!


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Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah)

Approximately 10 miles northwest of Rome lay the former Etruscan walled city of Veii. Located on a plateau overlooking the right bank of the Tiber, the region had been settled by successive cultures since the Late Bronze Age until finally being by conquered by the Romans in 396 B.C. Within this city can be found a unique cult called the Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah).  Ostensibly an offshoot of the female-only Bona Dea cult, which at first glance it closely resembles, it is in fact far older, predating the one in Rome by many years. Continue reading »

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The Cultists of Xuthltan

In a remote region of Provincia Pannonia (the province of Pannonia, encompassing parts of modern day Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) sits a village much hated by its neighbors. High in the mountains the village of Xuthltan is populated by peoples unrelated to anyone but themselves, a squat and stock, powerfully built race said to be mixed with the blood of the wild men of old. It is whispered they worship dark gods, practice black magic, summon demons and make human sacrifices before a tall black monolith. No one really knows what the truth is about Xuthltan, for outsiders who visit the village seldom return, and the few who do are usually insane. For the most part the people of Xuthltan keep to themselves and are shunned by the few outsiders who know of their existence.


However on certain nights of the year youths and children vanish from the villages surrounding Xuthltan are taken.  Some are forcible removed from their homes by raiders, others are snatched off trails via ambush, and no survivors of these attacks are ever found. The tracks from these attacks always lead back to Xuthltan, but the terrified locals do nothing. Their legends say that once the villagers tried to attack Xanthan, in revenge for such raids and to put down these degenerate sorcerers and devil worshippers once and for all. The attack ended in failure and now the villagers simply watch over their children, lock their doors, and keep weapons close at hand whenever the seasons begin to turn.

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Review of Lovecraftesque (Kickstarter)

As a roleplay-focused GM, some of my best games involved very few dice rolls and lots of delicious, scary, tension-building narrative that made the players squirm in their seats. For these sorts of stories, a good game moved away from mechanics and doubled down on rich settings, character interaction and pure story.

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Object Hit Points

Does anyone here have ideas for object hit points?  The examples in the core rulebook 6th ed. are absurdly low for things like concrete and not sure if any other Chaosium publications offer suggestions.

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Augustus Cantus: The Tenders of the Stone

This article is a submission to the Augustus Cantus contest sponsored by Golden Goblin Press. Give it a read for when voting opens up, and go ahead and try your own entry!

In the remote mountains of Tarraconensis (Hispania / Spain) there exists a mysterious sect known as the Tenders of the Stone. The region they operate in encompasses about a dozen villages and towns, mostly pastoral in nature, although some trade in silver, olives, and wine. The Tenders are thought to be natives on these villages, although their specific identities are unknown. The cultists, usually a procession of thirty members, gather on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox and visit a seemingly random village within their domain. They then demand the tribute of a single human being to be given up to their “God of Stone”, “The Provider of Prosperity”. In return all the villages in the region are ensured a prosperity. Continue reading »

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‘Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game’ coming from Arc Dream Publishing

“Be careful what you wish for. Delta Green, the award-winning setting of deadly conspiracy, desperate intrigue, and Lovecraftian cosmic terror in the modern day, has returned. The subject of the two most highly-rated tabletop role-playing game books of all time ( index) is an RPG of its own from Arc Dream Publishing. Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game launches at Kickstarter in September 2015.”

Get the whole story:

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