Hachūrui-shin Tai Kuto~urufu!

Will Tokyo be destroyed? Will a tentacled hero rise to save the city from another kaiju? Or will Kuto~urufu perform his usual ritual of pain and death? This creature feature takes us to Japan to find out …

A magnitude-9 earthquake originated from the Tohoku subduction zone (38.322 N, 142.369 E) east of Honshu, Japan at 2:45 pm, Tokyo time, on March 11, 2011. The immediate shocks from the quake hit Tokyo in little over a minute.

Satellite imagery revealed a massive form at the ocean’s surface, churning out tsunami waves towards Japan. Of those who saw and recognized the ominously hideous figure—with its sinuously whipping tentacles and bright red eyes, massive arms and legs pounding and kicking the ocean into a fury pool—the name Kuto~urufu was exclaimed with ancient dread.


Kuto~urufu, borne of deepest space, nurtured undersea and newly risen from time’s terrible abyss, surfed the tsunami waves as they raced alarmingly towards Japan.

Countless shiny objects rose from the epicenter where the monster had first emerged from the deep ocean. They were invisible to radar but appeared on video as they followed the doom waves, sometimes performing impossible 1° turns at trans-Mach speeds.

Forty-five minutes later, a Japanese news helicopter caught video of a massive whirlpool forming in the harbor off Sendai. Kuto~urufu rose from the center of the immense sucking maelstrom of water. As the tsunami waves hit northeast Honshu Island, the great and horrible Kuto~urufu stomped a terrible foot onto the earth-cracked, ocean-wracked Island of annihilation.

The Fukushima nuclear plant malfunctioned and melted down. As irradiated seawater washed out to the greater ocean another god of the deep would awaken, having shed its dead skin. It was Hachūrui-shin, the Reptile God of retribution, awakened by high levels of gamma radiation and Alpha and Beta particles. Hachūrui-shin slept deep beneath the mountains below the ocean very near the epicenter of Kuto~urufu’s shew of wrath. Ye Old God had danced upon the sleeping place of the atomic age’s radioactive Mega-dinosaurian. By 5:00 pm, Tokyo time, Hachūrui-shin awoke from the profound torpor in had been in since August of 1945.

Meanwhile, Kuto~urufu demolished Sendai and Iwaki. It followed the destructive tsunami waves as they churned the cities into pounded rubble. The elder god’s incomprehensibly massive footprints crushed the rubble into sand as it followed farther inland and southwest to Tokyo.

Tokyo had always drawn the megamorph gods to fight to the death there. So many people in such a small area is too tempting for the gods to ignore the revitalizing repast of rapacious murder on a scale measured by tens of thousands of souls. At 5:45 pm in Tokyo, Kuto~urufu was spotted coming from the northwest, backlit appallingly by the sun setting into the sea. A stench like the sewers of all the oceans accompanied the monster. Its beard was composed of dozens of wriggling awful tentacles that whipped out spasmodically, sometimes deftly grabbing at the helicopters that approached too closely. The great old god uprooted a building that, in the monster’s massive claws, looked like a long pole or rod and swung it above its head. This godly challenge was not ignored.

At 6:45 pm an eerie roar came from the southeast. At first everyone in Tokyo thought it was the call of Kuto~urufu. And so it was—a rejoinder to the present master of the sunken ruined city of drowned bodies and innumerous souls. Another roar followed the first after three minutes. The giant creature was coming closer, fast. Tiny human mortals adjusted searchlights and visually exposed the god that answered Kuto~urufu.

The silver flying saucers as well followed the action.

Hachūrui-shin shrieked so piercingly and appallingly that many were left deaf and mad. The atom’s Reptile God made itself alight with a shimmering green radiation surge. Its eyes glowed with a fierce bright green and its saber teeth, each the length of a 747, emitted their own searing greenish light. The god was more avian than reptilian, a mutant dinosaurian with feathers that reflected prismatic light. Hachūrui-shin was proud to shew in its blinding glory.

But Kuto~urufu was largely unimpressed. The facial tentacles stretched out and wiggled as if sniffing at its monstrous opponent. Thus was Kuto~urufu’s attitude when Hachūrui-shin attacked.

A vibrant green energy coursed through the Reptile God’s vertebrae, from tail to skull, and fired green undulating streams of gamma rays from its eye sockets at the Old God of the sea. The rays struck Kuto~urufu in the chest and unbalanced the monster so that it fell back into its path of destruction through Tokyo. Another building collapsed.

Kuto~urufu shook its immense head of tentacles and jumped to a squatting position. Twin earthquakes emanated from its feet striking the Island. The leviathan was rank as death on the seafloor. With hidden ferocity Kuto~urufu threw itself at Hachūrui-shin. Both creatures fell upon the city and, grasping each other, rolled into the sea. The water, thrashed by the battling creatures, sent out fresh floods that carried the city’s devastation through new ruin. Another blinding flash of emerald green lit up the sea and boiled the water. Huge billowing steam clouds obscured the struggle from direct view. A saurian head stretched into the sky above the fog and again screamed so terribly that thousands more went deaf and insane in that moment. The face full of writhing tentacles appeared with red eyes burning ageless hatred.

The silver flying saucers hung above the aquatic fray, zipping in and out of the fog.

Still held together in a tight embrace the monsters rolled back onto land, collapsing the last skyscraper in the field of battle. Kuto~urufu struggled from the grip of its opponent until it flipped Hachūrui-shin onto its back. Lashing tentacles wrapped around the saurian’s giant head and pulled the entire skull into its horrible maw. The Reptile God fired a blast of green gamma radiation from its eyes down the gullet of its adversary. Kuto~urufu swallowed the blast and regurgitated it back into the face of Hachūrui-shin. It bit down on the atomic monster’s neck, vaulting the behemoth above its head and bringing it down to the ground with an earthquake slam that severed the creature’s cervical vertebrae.

Hachūrui-shin lay in the churning rubble of Tokyo, defeated and lifeless. As the occult scholars have shewn so well, Kuto~urufu always wins in the end.

The silver flying saucers zipped off into the dark night, their surveillance completed.

Victorious, Kuto~urufu returned to the sea until it sank into the deep trenches and was seen no more that generation.


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