The Sirens of Dagon

When the deep ones pulled back from their Innsmouth “colony” following the US government’s raid in 1928, the connection between the deep one hybrids and the ocean was severed. However, deep one hybrids still feel some connection and are drawn to Innsmouth. They yearn to be themselves rather than “living in someone else’s skin.” Those who grow tired of waiting resign themselves to the waves.

drowned zombie deep one hybrids
Sirens of Dagon by Brad Hicks

Death comes for them, yet they do not die. Instead, their spirits become trapped in the waters in which they drowned. 

The Lure of Y’ha-nthlei: encountered singly or in small groups, sirens of Dagon call to others, enticing them to join them in the watery depths. Anyone who hears their beautiful singing must succeed at an opposed POW roll to avoid “joining” them in the water; deep one hybrids have a Penalty die for this roll. 

Those who succeed at the opposed POW roll see the sirens of Dagon as they really are: undead drowned hybrids. Unlike the beautiful humans or mermaids who once serenaded their victims, they are bloated from being in the water too long, the skin on their hands and feet is horribly wrinkled, and the top layer is sloughing off, like a snake trying to shed wet skin. In addition, the soft tissues of their faces have been picked away by marine predators (crabs, fish, etc.); eyes and noses have been snacked on or eaten away completely, as have their lips, revealing a mouth with multiple rows of sharp, pointed teeth. 

Humans who succeed suffer an additional effect—their lungs begin to fill with water. Aspiration begins, which leads to a coughing fit for two rounds as seawater begins tricking down the victim’s windpipe and into the lungs. They begin to drown on the third round, taking 1D3 points of damage per round, for as long as they can hear the sirens singing. 

Those who fail at the opposed POW roll wish to join the sirens in the water. Humans and hybrids alike will try to join them. Once in the water, deep one hybrids are no longer under the effect of the siren song and may leave, assuming the sirens don’t stop them. Humans, on the other hand, remain under the effects of the song for as long as they can hear it, until the singing stops, or until they take damage (i.e., from a slap across the face or even failing a CON roll and beginning to drown).

Sirens of Dagon, waterlogged deep one zombies

char. rolls average

STR 3D6 × 5 50–55

CON 4D6 × 5 70

SIZ (2D6+6) × 5 65

DEX 2D6 × 5 35  

POW 4D6 × 5 70

HP: 13

Average Damage Bonus: None

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 14

Move: 5 shambling/8 swimming


Attacks per Round: 1

Fighting 30% (15/6), damage 1D3+damage bonus, or bite (damage 1D6)

Dodge 17% (8/3) 

Skills: Sing Beautifully 70%.

Armor: Major wounds done to the body result in the loss of a limb; ignore damage unless dealt to the head (one Penalty die on rolls targeting the head).

Spells: Appear Human, Breath of the Deep, Enthrall Victim.Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 to see the true form of a siren of Dagon.

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