The Fallen Arabians, Servitors of the Elder Goddess Nemesis

Image is of 3 partially decomposed arabian dressed corpses wielding swords.

The Fallen Arabians
Art by Brad Hicks for the OctoberNomicon Art Contest

These creatures first appear after the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) during the Second Persian Invasion of Greece. They were once men, conscripted soldiers of the Arabian tribe, and part of the massive army led by the Persian King Xerxes. They were used as fodder, hurled against the Spartan simply to tire the formidable Greek soldiers before more valuable solders faced them. Thousands of these Arabians died in a single morning accomplishing nothing. Their bodies lay forgotten and unburied, fed upon by crows and wild dogs.  But for the Fallen Arabians death brought them neither rest nor freedom. These men are still called to fight and die, only this time by the dark powers of the Elder Goddess Nemesis, and her cultists.


The Fallen Arabians are summoned through magic, or appear by the will of Nemesis. When summoned by mortals between five and fifty Fallen Arabians appear, although Nemesis herself summons between ten and one hundred of the creatures. They Fallen Arabians rise out of the ground, march out of the mists, sulk out of the darkness of night or long impenetrable shadows. The sanity check for seeing the Fallen Arabians varies depending on the number of the creatures (see below) which emerge.


They Fallen Arabians appear as dead Persian soldier, ragged rotting flesh clinging to their bones, vicious wounds from spears or swords, their eyes pecked out by crows, chunks of tissue torn away by dogs, and maggots squirming in their torn flesh. They are armed with rusted short spears, a decayed medium figure-of-eight shield, and a tarnished fluted Polos Hat (helmet). They wear little more than tattered robes and worn sandals.  


In combat these creatures can parry a single melee attack with their shields, deliver one spear thrust per round, and have a single point of armor (from their helmets). They are unaffected by poison or sunlight, and immune to gas, drowning, and strangulation effects (as they are undead). Fallen Arabians have no fear, little reasoning, and are completely relentless when given a specific task (ex: guard this place; kill that person; retrieve that item). Individually they are not formidable opponents, as they are slow moving and have very few Hit Points. Their power lies in the horror they spread and in their often vast numbers. Fallen Arabians fight until destroyed; decaying quickly into dust once defeated.


The Fallen Arabians, Slaves of Nemesis.

char  –   rolls  –  averages
STR      3D6        10 – 11
CON     2D6            5
SIZ 3D6       10 – 11
INT 2D6            7
POW      1              1
DEX     2D6         7

Mov 7   HP 5
Av. Damage Bonus: 0

Weapons:    Medium Spear 40%, damage 1D6.

Bite (only if disarmed) 30%, damage 1D3

Armor:  1 point of tarnished helmet.  

Medium figure-of-eight shield (10 HP, parry one attack per round 30%)

Skills:  Obey Commands 99%.    

Habitat: Wherever created.

Sanity Loss:   0/1d4 Sanity Points to see a single Fallen Arabian  

1/1d8 Sanity Points for see a small group of Fallen Arabians (2 – 20)   

1/1D12 Sanity Points to see a horde of Fallen Arabians (+20).


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