“Desperation led us to take on a cheap job dealing with the monastery’s irregular bookkeeping. Late that night, Plamena was squinting at a column of numbers. The candle guttered and died, and she cast light upon the sconce. Then they were all around us, consuming the library in flame.”

Svečnik by João Fraga Netto

These undead creatures are the spirits of monks who broke their vows or took actions to defraud others by skimming money from the coffers, moving boundary markers to illicitly expand the monastery’s land, and the like. They appear as monks in robes with their heads replaced with a burning candle. Often, in the night, only the light is seen.

These creatures are drawn by the casting of cleric spells within a mile of them. It is said that cursing around them will drive them off. This is only partially true, as driving them away requires the casting of a curse spell in their presence, whether or not it affects them or the target saves.

A svečnik can attack either by flailing its arms or by causing the flame to flare up in a cone shape (save vs. breath attacks for half damage). Even if killed, they will reform until their original misdeed is uncovered. 

Inspirational Reading: Kropej, Supernatural Beings from Slovenian Myth and Folktales

Svečnik (Compatible with Labyrinth Lord)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 4***

Move: 180’ flying

To Hit: +4

Attacks: 2 hands or burning hands

Damage: 1D4/1D4 or 2D6 burning cone

No. Appearing: 1D4

Save As: Cleric 4

Morale: 12

Treasure Type: XX

Intelligence: AverageXP Value: 350

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