Octobernomicon, Oct 12: The Innocents

The Innocents, Lesser Independent Race

Across the globe, cults dedicated to the various Great Old Ones and Outer Gods often sacrifice infants in their rituals. Often, the bodies are disposed of in garbage dumps, or in sewers. There are times when the sorrow, torment, anger, and fear experienced by these poor souls is so strong, it resurrects them. Returned to a mockery of life, these so-called Innocents only resemble infants in appearance. The gums and skin on their fingers have receded, leaving teeth and nails sharp. Those who have no teeth grow sharp, needle-like fangs. Their bodies are sickeningly bloated, their skin jaundiced and bruised. They prowl the places their bodies were dumped, barely able to walk, most often shambling about on all fours. Despite this, they are deceptively quick. Hideously, they mew, babble, and cry just as any normal infant. Motivated by a hatred for all life, and a constant hunger, they are ravenous cannibals, preying on unsuspecting humans.

Alone, an Innocent is hardly a threat to any adult human. Innocents are rarely alone however, hunting in packs, consisting of 1d20+4 creatures. They ambush their victims, typically using their infant-like cries to attract prey. They then swarm out of the shadows to overwhelm the victim. If a victim manages to escape, the Innocents will pursue him or her relentlessly, harrying their prey with tiny, but painful bites and scratches. Once a pack has found prey, they will not give up until their victim’s flesh is filling their bellies.

Innocents, Undead Cannibalistic Infants

char – rolls – average
STR – 1d4 – 2-3
CON – 2d6 – 7
SIZ – 1d4 – 2-3
INT – 1d4+2 – 4-5
POW – 2d6 – 7
DEX – 3d6 – 11
Mov 6 – HP: 5

Av. Damage Bonus: -1d4

Bite 45%, damage 1d4
Scratch 45%, damage 1d4
Cling 65%, damage grapple, with successful grapple attack, the Innocent may both bite and scratch grappled target.

Armor: None

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1d8 to see an Innocent.

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