Octobernomicon, Oct 11: Great Uk’tena

Great Uk’tena, Avatar of Dagon

The Great Uk’tena is the god of the fresh-water deep-ones, and a manifestation of Father Dagon. It is sometimes referred to as the Keen-Eyed, for it is said it knows all secrets of waters and forests. It dwells in deep pools, murky lakes, and fast-moving rivers. Its body is something like that of an enormous eel, slick and slimy, glowing a fiery red. Its head is something of a cross between something ichthyian and something feline. Atop its head is a wickedly pointed ivory horn.
Cult: Aside from the fresh-water deep ones, Great Uk’tena has no cult. The Cherokee knew of it, and spoke of it in some tales. A few insane and brave individuals have sought it out, in order to gain unfathomable knowledge.

Other Characteristics: To see Great Uk’tena is to die. Anyone seeing Great Uk’tena for the first time must make a Luck roll, or die instantly.

Special Effects and Attacks:
Acid: Great Uk’tena can spit a stream of acid at its foes; the acid does 1d6 damage for 1d3 rounds

Acid Blood: The blood of Great Uk’tena acts as a powerful acid. Anyone making a physical attack on the god-beast must roll Luck, or be splattered with its blood; it does 1d6 damage for 1d3 rounds. Any weapon striking Great Uk’tena instantly melts from contact with its blood.

Great Uk’tena, the Keen-Eyed

STR 40 – CON 20 – SIZ 50
INT 35 – POW 40 – DEX 15

Mov 8/8 swimming – HP 35

Damage Bonus: +5d6

Weapon: When attacking, the Great Uk’tena can strike with two claws per round, or gore with its horn.

Claw 80%, 1d6 + 5d6
Gore 80%, 3d6 + 5d6
Spit Acid 80%, damage special, see above

Armor: 6 point skin; Great Uk’tena is impervious to all mundane weapons. Enchanted weapons, magic attacks, and fire all do normal damage.

Spells: Knows all spells associated with the fresh-water deep ones, binding and summoning them, water, and its secrets. Knows other spells at Keeper’s discretion.

Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see Great Uk’tena.

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