Sacred Ewe of The Black Goat

These strange, grotesque creatures were once human women, priestesses of The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. Each was a matriarch of a cult or temple whose children and grandchildren also served the Outer Goddess. In their twilight years such priestesses are granted special favor to live on and serve their goddess as a Sacred Ewe of the Black Goat. It is considered the highest honor, granted to only the most devout and deserving servants. Such creatures are effectively immortal, although not invulnerable as they can be slain through violence or misadventure. 

Enormous once human creature, upper legs like tiny nonfunctioning bat wings, face like a cow, back legs like hooves, massive undulating belly and 4 or 6 large hanging breasts with leaking teats, suspended hanging off the ground by straps.
Sacred Ewe of the Black Goatby Brad Hicks

Recipients of this high honor mutate over time, eventually growing to enormous proportions. Their upper limbs atrophy, becoming nonfunctional bat-like wings. Their faces elongate and take on a bovine quality, with large nostrils, long ears, and small horns. Their lower limbs and feet take shape into the legs and hooves of a heifer. While these lower limbs are powerful they cannot support the creature’s massive weight. They develop a massive abdomen, with a round undulating belly, typically containing developing offspring, with between four and six large, swollen, leaking breasts. Their hindquarters are rounded with engorged reproductive orifices. 

For the most part such creatures are immobile and helpless. Some (50%) retain the ability to cast the spells they knew when fully human. They can undulate and wriggle about a bit but are unable to move on their own. They are able, with effort, to communicable although their words are hard to understand, being as mix of human vocalizations and animal sounds. Cultist caring for such creatures typically house them in temple like dairy barns, where they are fed, pampered, fanatically protected. Their huge bodies are typically supported off the ground in an elaborate network of straps. Their only purpose is to produce offspring and the sacred, eldritch milk that leaks from their massive teats.

Cults defend Sacred Ewes with vigor, happily sacrificing their likes to keep them safe. There is a 50% chance that at least one of these defenders is a Greater Shepherd or Shepherdess of The Black Goat. There is a 25% chance there may be a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath lucks near a location where a Sacred Ewe resides, ready to come to its defense should the need arise. 

Milk and Offspring – The reason cults value such creatures is their milk; a thick, black fluid that exudes a sickly sweet scent of rot which has magical properties. It is employed in various rituals and in the creation of numerous products containing enchantments, such as life extending cheeses, beverages that cure diseases, or butter that grant prophetic visions. These creatures produce 10-12 gallons of this milk per day, requiring two to three milking daily. 

These creatures become pregnant easily, and mew pitifully not carrying young. Sacred Ewes can only become pregnant by their own male descendants. A Sacred Ewe can deliver a child every 4-6 weeks, giving birth to between 6-12 large (about 15 pounds, the size of a typical four month old infant) offspring a year. Some of these newborns (30%) look mostly human, albeit quite grotesque, and are raised by the cultists and indoctrinated into their ways. However, the majority (70%) are hideously mutated, and either die within hours of birth or are offered as living sacrifices (especially when a Dark Young is among it’s guardians). These flesh of such unfortunate offspring is rumored to have a delicious flavor, and some cults use them as a source of food. 

Sacred Ewe of The Black Goat, Blessed Abomination of Shub-Niggurath

Char. Averages rolls

STR   70 (3D6+6) x 5

CON 165 (6D6+12) x 5

SIZ 135 (6D6+6) x 5

DEX   35 2D6 x 5

INT   50 3D6 x 5

POW   80 (4D6+2) x 5

HP 15

Av. Damage Bonus: +2D6

Average Build: +3

Average Magic Points: 16

Move 1


Attacks per round:

Fighting Attacks: A kick, gore, or bite to anyone coming into it’s very limited reach.

Fighting, Brawl 25% (12 / 5), 1D4+db

Dodge 00% 

Armor: None

Skills: Mew pitifully 85%, Produce Sacred Milk 90%, Bare Children 85%.

Spells: 50% have 1D6+1, as chosen by the keeper (Typically connected to Shub-Niggurauth)

Sanity Loss: 0/1D8 to see a Sacred Ewe of the Black Goat

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