Lost of the Labyrinth

These unfortunate creatures were once men, who through betrayal or misfortunate ended up wandering the labyrinth of the Great Old One Eihort. They either never encountered Eihort or refused its bargain to become a host for its brood in exchange for being released from the Labyrinth. They then either escaped the Great Old One’s wrath or were spared to wander endlessly in the endless passages of the labyrinth. Lost, desperate, and likely dying of thirst or hunger these people then drank from one of the maze’s pools fed by dripping water or ate some of the strange glowing fungus found growing throughout the labyrinth. Once this alien material entered their bodies they were doomed, spiraling into a vortex of madness and mutation.  

a large humanoid figure, wearing shreds of clothing, muscular arms and shoulders, webbed 3 finger hands with hooked claws. Heads covered with eyes of different size, no ears, nose or mouth. Wide Shoulders, chest and back covered with small sharp toothed maws, with insect like mandibles to hold bits of food in place, and small nonfunctioning insect legs sprouting from its lower abdomen and legs.
Lost of the Labyrinth by Tayna Rezunenko

Lost of the Labyrinth appears as a large humanoid figures, wearing the tatters shreds of clothing they wore upon entering the Labyrinth. Their arms and shoulders are muscular, ending in massive webbed three fingered hands tipped with sharp hooked claws. Their heads are covered in a multitude of eyes of various sizes, types, and colors. These creatures have no visible ears, mouth, or nose on their heads. Their upper back, shoulders, and chests are covered with dozens of small mouths filled with sharp rasping teeth. Each mouth has a pair of mandibles to hold things in place with their teeth shred it into tiny pieces before swallowing. Small insect like legs, less than a foot long and non-functional, emerge haphazardly from their lower abdomen and legs. 

These creatures are found roaming around the Eihort’s labyrinth looking for prey. When they detect a potential victim they stalking it, trying to get close enough to strike. They no longer have any memories of their human selves and such mutations are irreversible. They sometimes emit deep moans, raspy hisses, and screeching cries when hunting, in hopes of terrifying their quarries into revealing themselves. Mercifully they are solitary creatures with established territories, who are never found in groups. 

Lost of the Labyrinth, Once Human Wanderers of an Endless Maze

Char. Averages rolls

STR   75 (2D6+8) x 5

CON   80 (4D6+6) x 5

SIZ   65 (2D6+6) x 5

DEX   50 (2D6+3) x 5

INT   40 (2D6+1) x 5

POW   55 (2D6+4) x 5

HP 15

Av. Damage Bonus: 1D4

Average Build: 1

Average Magic Points: 11

Move 9


Attacks per round: 1 (Claw, Punch, Smash) 

Fighting Attacks: May claw or punch with its hands, or charge and slam victims with its bulk. 

Fighting, 55% (27 / 11), 1D6+db

Dodge 40% (20 / 8)  

Armor: Half damage from non-magical weapons, immune to poison

Skills: Listen 45%, Spot Hidden 50%, Stealth 50%, Track 50% 

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter a Lost of the Labyrinth

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