First born of a Thousand Young

“The man screams dropping to his knees as his vocal cords rip and the cry splits into a roar. His dinner jacket swells and bursts at the seams, his body beneath breaking and bulging.

Popping and snapping, the man’s suit rips to accommodate the new form beneath. One last scream through torn vocal cords echoes and with a ground shuddering stomp, he now stands eight feet tall, matted fur covering his body and poking out through the tears in the black-tie dinner suit, horns curving out and up ending in a deadly point, hooves exploding through the brogues once worn on his feet and yellow goat eyes with a sideways slit pupil blinking with each turn of the head, accounting for everyone in the room.” — Daniel Gulliver – Holmouth Times

A krampus
Krampus by Cameron Tressler

Krampus, once he they fully transformed from the unfortunate soul who picks up their fossilised intestine, begins hunting all of the disappointing mortals around them that have misbehaved, which in their yellowed goat eyes is everyone. Using tooth, claws, and horns alike they disembowel and dismember to their heart’s content. All of the human remains will make great food for their many brothers and sisters.

The desire to punish the inferior mortals that dare summon him from his mother, Shub-Niggurath, is overwhelming and driving them insane with fear by confronting them with their own inevitability is a suitable punishment. The monster jumps over the table before him landing with both hooves crashing into a guest crushing his ribs into the floor before the monster turns and roars to the screaming guests in the room ‘MERRY KRAMPUSNACHT!’

With the fur covered hand, not holding the red glowing stone, the monster grabs a fallen lump of coal and begins forcing it down the throat of the poor man whose ribs are poking out of bloodied rips in his dining shirt. The man’s screams are muffled until the lump of coal is pushed down his throat so far, a loud snap declares the man dead. The monster looks up at whoever is left in the room. ‘Who’s next on the naughty list?’


Born of the Black Goat, Mother of a Thousand Young

STR 95      CON 80      SIZ 110     DEX 60      INT 40

APP -          POW 70      EDU -       SAN -           HP 24

DB: 2D4     Build: 2     Move: 9     MP: 19      Luck: –

Attacks per round: 1

Claws:            60% (30/12), damage 1D6

Teeth:            50% (25/10), damage 1D10

Horns:            35% (18/7), damage 1D8+DB

Skills: Climb 85%, Listen 35%, Scent 65%, Spot / Hidden 85%, Stealth 25%, Throw 75%, Track 70%

Armour: 1-point thick black goat’s fur

Sanity Loss: 1d10 upon first witnessing the creature, then 1d4 witnessing it forcing lumps of coal down people’s throats.

Spells: 1D3

Evil Eye

Cost: 10 magic points; 1D4 Sanity points

Casting time: 1 round

Causes a target to suffer from bad luck. While the target must be within sight of the caster, they will not necessarily sense the Evil Eye’s influence, but feel an odd chill or unease when the spell is first cast. The victim’s chance for a Luck roll is halved. His or her chance for a DEX roll is halved. His or her guns jam on every roll of 75% or higher. The chances for Summon / Bind spells are halved. The effects continue until sunrise, until the caster removes the spell, until the caster is found and blooded (hit hard enough to bleed), or until the victim dies.

Implant Fear

Cost: 12 magic points, 1D6 Sanity points

Casting time: Instantaneous

The spell causes a soul-chilling dread, breaking the target’s concentration and disrupting his, her or their actions. The caster must be able to see and point a finger at the target while invoking a curse.


Cost: 3 magic points; 1 Sanity point

Casting time: 1 round

Temporarily incapacitates a single target. It costs 3 magic points and one Sanity point to cast. The caster must be 10 yards or less distant. Match caster and target magic points with those of the target on the Resistance Table. Succeeding, the spell takes effect after one round of confusing hand gestures. Intense, wracking pains seize the target, the face and hands blister and drip fluid, and the eyes cloud with blood and become temporarily sightless. The effect lasts 1D6 rounds, after which sight returns. In 3D10 minutes, the target fully recovers and resumes normal activity. Traces of physical corruption fade quickly, and in 24 hours only faint blemishes can be seen on the skin. Each such experience costs the target 1/1D6+1 Sanity points.

Sanity Loss: 1D6 to encounter Krampus for the first time. 1D10 to see someone become possessed (torn apart) by Krampus.

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