Elliot Montgomery, esquire

In the ancient days procuring sacrifices for the Old Gods was a fairly simple matter. One need only capture them from the neighboring tribe, or perhaps purchase them from a slave trader.

With the dawning of the Victorian era the world became infested with ridiculous notions such as the rights of man, watched over by police forces, and filled up with busybodies who care about the “downtrodden”. Things became much more difficult.

Enter Elliot Montgomery, Esquire, doss house owner, entrepreneur, and procurer of sacrificial victims for any number of diabolical conspiracies.

Elliot is a tall, gangly man with a large Adam’s apple, horrible teeth, and stringy, greasy black hair that sticks out from beneath his top hat. He dresses in faded, discarded finery cast off from a proper gentleman and picked up in a second hand store. He carries himself as a lord, however, and to the poor who come to his doss house off of Whitechapel High St. he might as well be.

The population of London has grown exponentially by the 1890s, and Whitechapel is filled not only with the poor of the English countryside come to work in the factories, but the poor of Europe as well. The neighborhood contains populations of Jewish, Russian, and Polish immigrants . They come to London penniless, hungry, and desperate.

They come into Elliot’s waiting arms. He’s so happy to have them. He keeps a clean doss house. Well, as clean as a place where many families living together with no privacy can be. He’s kind to his tenants, understanding if they’re a little late, and is thought of as a charitable soul to those who know him.

You see, Elliot is very concerned about the fate of the children, and he’s always looking to help families who have too many mouths to feed. He tells the families that he has powerful contacts who are looking for children for a situation. Perhaps a young lad to serve as a playmate for a child, or a young lady to learn to be a maid.

The story is always the same. These people are in the peerage, the cream of society, and they’re willing to help a child elevate themselves. They’ll be provided room and board, and be given an education. Given the chance to better themselves and grow up knowing the lords and ladies of tomorrow. And they’re willing to pay.

It’s a difficult decision, but a lot of struggling families are convinced it’s a blessing. Of course, Elliot warns them that their young one will be very busy on Lord so and so’s country estate, and won’t have much time to write. But the enticement of a few pounds, more than the annual salary for these workers, is quite a temptation. So, with a tearful goodbye, but hopes of a better future, the family sends their child off with Elliot, excited about what they’ll learn and do and Lord so and so’s.

There is no Lord so and so. Elliot delivers the victim as arranged to any one of a few cults that he works for and is paid his usual finders fee. The child is never seen again. Elliot’s next stop is usually one of London’s many brothels to celebrate.

Even in a world where horror and insanity lurk in the shadows it seems the worst monsters are men.

Elliot Montgomery, esquire. Age 38
Doss House Owner, Human Trafficker, and Excellent Candidate for Scaphism


Hit Points:
Damage Bonus:
Magic Points:



Attacks per round: 1

Fighting (Brawl) 30% (30/6), damage 1D3+DB, or Heavy Walking Stick (1D6+DB)
Dodge 40% (20/8)

Accounting 45%, Charm 70%, Credit Rating 40%, Disguise 35%, Fast Talk 65%, Intimidate 40%, Language (Polish) 35%, Language (Russian) 30%, Language (English)  60%, Listen 30%, Occult 40%, Persuade 70%, Psychology 50%, Spot Hidden 35%, Stealth 30%.

Armor: None.
Spells: None.
Sanity Loss: None; Elliot Montgomery, Esq. is a perfectly normal human being.

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