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Healthcare in America is difficult to navigate for lower income families. Those who fall into the cracks often find themselves putting care off. Fortunately, there are those who are dedicated to providing low-cost care to those in need. People like Dr. Reginald Aster.

Dr. Aster has opened a series of clinics throughout lower-income neighborhoods in his city. He’s been featured in several local and national publications applauding him for his work to make quality health care accessible to all. He’s been named as a rising star in the medical field. He’s been interviewed on daytime TV.

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Star Ridge Manor

elderly person in a hospital bed, hooked to machines. They have a horrified expression on their face as something whispy and almost invisible hangs about their head, it’s tendrils reaching into their ears. A disinterested nurse is checking their vitals and doesn’t seem to notice the entity.

Star Ridge Manor is a combined assisted living and memory care facility set on a sprawling old estate atop the local landmark known as Star Ridge. Star Ridge was originally the estate of Dennis Landry, a wealthy local robber baron who occupied it from 1880 until his death in 1925. 

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The Lonely Rest Stop

Situated along a lonely highway somewhere in the United States. The last stop for gas before a 50 mile stretch of wilderness. The lonely rest stop is designed to be dropped anywhere along a highway a Keeper desires, and can serve as either a quick night’s distraction or the base of a longer scenario centered around it.

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John and Jane Does: The Disassembled

The Disassembled

Every state has them. They turn up in the news every so often. Nameless people found in pieces. Sometimes dumped in a single container, sometimes spread out over an area. Take a look back further in history and you’ll find they’ve been turning up long before the dawn of the 20th century. 

They are spread out over too wide an area, and over too long a timeframe to be the work of just one lunatic. There are too many of them, and they seem too evenly spread to be the result of random homicidal maniacs. So what are they? 

Who these poor souls were in life may never come to light, but what they’ve become in death is something that can push investigators to their breaking point. 

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It’s the nature of time that the old ways must give way to the new. But what happens when the old ways are not superstitions? What happens when they’re immortal and very very real?

Szepassony is the “beautiful lady” of Hungarian folklore. She was a spirit of romance, fertility, birth, death, and also storms and rain. Midwives and expectant mothers would pray to her for a safe childbirth, and she was also prayed to in matters of love.

With the dawn of Christianity, Szepassony was reviled as a demon. A temptress who led men astray and caused the deaths of babies that nursed at her breast. If you were out in a rainstorm, caught cold, and died, you had incurred the wrath of the demon Szepassony.

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Mercy, Father, Mercy

1892. Exeter Rhode Island. Folks are dying all around. George Brown’s family has been hit especially hard. First his wife Mary, and then his daughter Mary Olive passed on. His son Edwin had been sent away to Colorado in the hopes that the air would help him, but he returned because the sickness progressed. Then his daughter Mercy took sick and died.

How much can one man take? As Edwin’s illness grows worse, folks begin to talk. Three people dead in one family? Surely it wasn’t the “bacteria” these fancy doctors talk about. No, something was stalking the family. A curse….

George is a desperate man, ready to try anything to stop the hell he’s going through. Edwin is growing pale now and coughing up blood. The older folk in town are saying the dead of the Brown family are preying on the living to stay alive.

One day, George and some friends head to the cemetery. He’s had enough and he simply has to know. First they exhume Mary. She’s decomposed. Next they exhume Mary Olive. She’s decomposed. They turn their shovels to Mercy’s grave last. The men share a nervous glance when their shovels hit wood. Whispering a prayer to Almighty God, George opens the casket. Mercy lies in repose, looking as if she were merely sleeping. And then her eyes open….

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The Night Mother’s Moon


Life on the streets is hard. The Homeless are invisible. New York City has almost one hundred thousand homeless. Each night they sleep in the city’s parks and subway system, invisible to the population who passes them every day. What better victims could one ask for?

This scenario is designed for 2–4 investigators and can be completed in one to two evenings of play, depending on the length of your sessions. In it, the players take on the roles of New York city’s street homeless as they come together to solve the mystery of something that is stalking and killing the members of their community.

When a relative newcomer to the streets turns up dead in a dumpster, her death is chalked up to just another example of street violence. The local homeless know better. Something is stalking them. Something no one has an explanation for. With nowhere else to turn, they must band together and save themselves before they become just another statistic.

Players will take on the role of local homeless as they attempt to find out what killed Claire and stop it from killing again.

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Elliot Montgomery, esquire

In the ancient days procuring sacrifices for the Old Gods was a fairly simple matter. One need only capture them from the neighboring tribe, or perhaps purchase them from a slave trader.

With the dawning of the Victorian era the world became infested with ridiculous notions such as the rights of man, watched over by police forces, and filled up with busybodies who care about the “downtrodden”. Things became much more difficult.

Enter Elliot Montgomery, Esquire, doss house owner, entrepreneur, and procurer of sacrificial victims for any number of diabolical conspiracies.

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The Middle Manager Shoggoth

Middle Manager Shoggoth
Art by Brad Hicks

There are shoggoth lords, and then there are shoggoths who may advance to a certain degree beyond their primordial ancestors, but one would be remiss to call them “lord.” 

Kyle Zanfield is what would be properly termed a shoggoth middle manager. He evolved to a certain level of intelligence in the distant past, and has since learned to control his shape and exercise rudimentary cunning in his hunting. 

Throughout the long years, Kyle has been successful at ingratiating himself in with the powerful men and women he came in contact with and installing himself as a trusted aide. 

He worked as a priest in the medieval years, a lieutenant in Napoleon’s armies, and an orderly in an insane asylum during the 40’s. He’s now reached what he considers his perfect hunting ground: middle management. 

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Emotional Support Shoggoths

The Elder Things bred shoggoths to perform any number of duties, from protectors, to workhorses, to, believe it or not, companions. The companion was a smaller shoggoth, bred for a limited intelligence and telepathy that allowed it to read its master’s emotions and react to them.

With the revolt against their masters, the majority of the companion shoggoths were destroyed by their larger cousins as a matter of survival of the fittest.  However, a small number survived to the present day. Enter Chopstick and Samantha.

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