Jasmine, Avatar of Isis

She was beautiful, unbelievable, dark brown skin and long, long, flowing back hair. Her every move wafted the sweetness of jasmine flowers. She wore long, flowing, silk skirts and blouse, all hand-dyed in brilliant colors. They swirled at her slightest turn, dancing with her hair. Her eyes were a deep brown, and when she fixed them onto you, she called you, silently, into some ancient and wondrous place.

–Jonathon Oliver: weary, desperate, and half-mad defender of Humanity.

As an avatar of the Elder god Isis, Jasmine occasionally appears to investigators of the Cthulhu Mythos and provides them a small degree of support and comfort.

Jasmine appears dressed in long, flowing, brilliantly colored skirts and a blouse.  She has straight, very long, silky, jet black hair and deep brown, captivating eyes. The scent of jasmine flowers accompanies her at all times.

She wears necklaces with ankh medallions, earrings, and many rings on her fingers and barefoot toes, all of shining gold and glittering emeralds. Her skirts and blouse are spangled with bright gold as well. In her right hand, she holds a slender, wooden staff.

Jasmine never speaks, but uses telepathy to convey concepts.

Jasmine is not intended as a be-all and end-all resource for the investigators’ success and survival, but an interesting encounter which provides the relief of meeting the avatar of a non-malignant god, and a deliverer of some small aid.


Jasmine will gift the investigator group with only one of the following.

Dance of Calm: Jasmine will dance for each investigator low on Sanity and/or afflicted with madness. Her swirling skirts, dancing hair, and glittering jewelry are hypnotic. Her deep brown eyes will catch the gaze of the Investigators, drawing them into her gentle magic, and the warmth of the desert breezes of ancient Egypt. This restores 1D6 Sanity, and cures any madness.

Healing Touch: Jasmine will hold the hands of each investigator with physical wounds, her deep brown eyes holding the gaze of the injured person, drawing them into her gentle magic, and the warmth of the desert breezes of ancient Egypt. This restores 1D6 hit points, and repairs any damage to bones, tendons and internal organs.

Warriors Blessing: Remaining still, Jasmine will radiate a sense of righteous power to the investigators, each of whom rolls 1D3. The resulting number grants the Investigator a bonus die for that many attacks against Mythos creatures. This benefit is not discretionary, these attacks will be the next made, though may be magical or physical. They only count against creatures of the Mythos, not wizards, cultists, nor other human followers.

JASMINE, beautiful and benevolent avatar of Isis



Hit Points: 16
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Build: 1
Magic Points: 28
Move: 9

Attacks per round: 2
Jasmine will only fight if she and/or the investigators in her care are attacked.

Fighting (Staff) 80% (40/16), damage 1D4+DB
Dodge 70% (35/14)

Language (due to her telepathy, Jamine understands all languages(, Listen 80%, Spot Hidden 80%.

Armor: none, but Jasmine may heal herself by spending Magic Points on a one-to-one basis. When reduced to zero hit points, Jamine vanishes, leaving the sweet scent of jasmine flowers behind.
Spells: none.
Sanity Loss: none.

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