Drowned Revenant

When the mists roll in over the dark ocean waves,
The wrongfully deceased rise from watery graves.
They hunt for those who caused their death,
Until their quarry breaths their last breath.

-Old Captain Rosario, Kingsport, 1863
Drowned Revenant
Drowned Revenant by Nopyan Panji Utomo

These undead creatures are fueled by hate and driven by their need for justice or revenge. Their deaths are always caused by drowning, either in the sea, a body of fresh water, a river, or even an artificial water source such as a pool, reservoir or water tank. Rightfully or not, these creatures blame their deaths on some person or persons, and are denied rest until said individuals are dead. 

They may be victims of murder, whose bodies were weighted and tossed into the ocean, or forced to walk the plank on the open seas. They may have died in shipwrecks caused by the negligence of the ship’s crew, the incompetence of its captain, or intentional acts of sabotage. They may have been intentionally drowned by a murderous individual, held underwater at a swimming pool, or locked in the trunk of a vehicle that was then pushed into a lake. Whatever the reason, however their death occurred, all Drowned Revenants share one thing in common, an all-consuming need to avenge themselves those whom they identify as being responsible for their demise. 

 Drowned Revenants are typically solitary, although pairs and even small groups are sometimes encountered. They appear as waterlogged corpses in various states of decay, bloated and dripping, with soaking wet clothing. They are always surrounded by mists, which they can control up to a radius of thirty feet. The mists can be think and wispy, or thick and impenetrable, obscuring vision and deadening sound. These use this ability to great effect in, granting them two bonus dice on all Stealth rolls, hiding their presence until they are within striking range of their targets.

Drowned Revenants are slow moving, but relentless. They typically attack on one night a year, often the anniversary of their death, although this sometimes varies. While they are always animated, and can travel through waterways, crossing whole oceans and moving up and down rivers, they can only exit said waters on that particular evening. 

In Combat – Drowned Revenants attack with their waterlogged or by using weapons, often things which were on hand during their death, such as belaying pins and harpoon (for sailors), or a tire iron (for those who drowned locked in vehicles), or a weapon they carried in life (a cutlass for a ship’s captain or a switchblade for mobster given concreate shoes and dumped over a pier). 

However, physical attacks are not their preferred method of attack. Anyone within 20 feet of a Drowned Revenant is subject to Moderate drowning damage. A CON check must be made each round, with a successful check allowing the target to resist the attacks effects. However, once a CON check is failed their lungs begin to fill with water, blocking their air supply, and causing 1D6 points of damage each round until death occurs. This is caused by the Drowned Revenant’s ability to control the mists which surround it, used as a weapon, as the vapors are manifested in the target’s airways in order to drown them. To escape this attack and it’s effects a victim must move, or be moved, out of the range of the attack or the Drowned Revenant must be destroyed. 

Drowned Revenants can only be killed by reducing them to zero hit points. They take minimal possible damage from physical attacks, and are immune to fire as they are impossible to burn. They take full damage from spells and enchanted weapons. When in contact with water they are able to regenerate 2 points per round. 

Special Attack, Drowning Grip: A Drowned Revenant can perform a maneuver to physically grasp, grapple, or embrace its victims. Once in physical combat the target is subjected to the drowning attacks, but suffers a penalty dice to their CON checks, with the damaged raised to 1D8 points of damage. The damage continues until the physical contact between the victim and the Drowned Revenant is broken. 

Char. roll averages

STR (2D6+8) x 5  75

CON (2D6) x 50  130

SIZ 3D6 x 5  50

DEX (2D6+1) x 5  40

INT (2D6+1) x 5  40

POW (2D6+6) x 5  65

Average Hit Points: 18

Av. Damage Bonus (DB): +1D4

Average Build: +1

Move  6


Attacks per round: 1 (waterlogged blows or with weapons)

Fighting attacks: Most Drowned Revenants attack by attempting to grasp their target, but can wield weapons attack with unarmed physical blows.

Fighting (unarmed blows) 45% (22/9), damage 1D3+DB

Fighting (weapons) 45% (22/9), damage as per weapon +DB (if applicable)

Moderate Drowning Attack when within 20 feet of a Drowned Reverent.

Drowning Grip (mnvr) 45% (30/12), damage (Drowning Attack with 1 penalty dice, damage raised to 1D8)

Dodge Drowned Revenants rarely dodge


Stealth 50% (with 2 bonus dice)

Armor (standard): none; takes minimal possible damage from normal attacks, immune to fire

Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 to encounter a decaying Drowned Revenant.

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