Faceless Human-Like Things

“I swear, Doctor, they’re real. They came at us last night after our van slid off the road. They were all dressed differently, one was in an expensive suit, but they had no faces!

If they grabbed you, your face started disappearing too. One of them got Bill and he started changing! I shot it twice and it just vanished, like Alka Selzter in water. Later, Bill said he could still breathe when his face was going smooth, but he was forgetting his identity. After I shot the one, and Jeremy–he’s a boxer–knocked one down, they just ran away.”—Name withheld for HIPPA compliance, Harrison City Psychiatric Hospital.

The Faceless Human-Like Things are a creation of the Mi-Go. They appear like ordinary men, except they have smooth skin where their faces should be. They wear various, ordinary clothes.


Face Smoothing: If a Faceless Human-Like Thing succeeds at a Grapple, the victim’s face begins to smooth over. If it continues to hold the victim for three rounds, it may make a POW test against the victim, each turn it continues to succeed at the Grapple. On a success, the victim’s face is fully smooth and they become a Faceless Human-Like Thing, will participate in the their current effort, and will accompany them to where they return.

If a Faceless Human-Like Thing’s Grapple is broken prior to the third round, the victim’s face immediately returns to normal. A human, grappling a Faceless Human-Like Thing, is not affected by this power.

Spells: None

FACELESS HUMAN-LIKE THINGS, removers of identity


STR 60
CON 70
SIZ 65
DEX 60
INT 50
POW 50
HP: 39

Damage Bonus: +1D4
Build: +1
Magic Points: 10
Move: 8


Attacks per round: 1
Fighting attacks: The Faceless Human-Like Things use a small knife, only if they feel it necessary.
Fighting (Brawl) 25%, damage 1D3+damage bonus or
Small Knife 25%, damage 1D4+damage bonus or
Grapple (mnvr) 25%, no damage, face smoothing as described above.
Dodge: 25%
Armor: None
Skills: Sneak 40%
Sanity Loss: 1/1D3

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