Eater of Luck: Lesser Independant Race

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It took effect that’s for sure. Next week, this awful lookin’ little bastard showed up. Followed me everywhere, mumbling a bunch of crap nobody could understand. Even when I ditched him, he’d just show back up. My gambling luck went to hell, I’d slip and fall, and getting a date? Shit. People around me too. Lock their keys in the car, burn themselves lightin’ a cigarette, cut themselves cooking. One time I took my shotgun and blasted its arm off, thank God mine stayed on. Next day, there he was.

Finally, we went to see the witch. We’d done business with her once before when we was desperate, the worst and only time you’d try such a thing. She wasn’t no wrinkled old hag livin’ in a swamp neither, had a real fancy apartment in the city. She looked damn fine, too; don’t know if that was real or not and I don’t much give a damn.

She did her thing and the little asshole was just gone, never seen him since. She didn’t ask for nothing, up front, but we knew she’d call in the favor. Based on the first time, we knew whatever that was, it wasn’t gonna be good.

–Earl West, shotgun man for the Society of The Oath-Bound.

An Eater of Luck, or Luck Eater, is a creature which exists as one of the possible results of a curse. This creature is humanoid, between 2 ½’ to 3′ tall, and has pasty, white, cold skin, black hair and beady, black eyes. A Luck Eater passes as human, though a viewer can never seem to make direct eye contact, and continuously makes an indecipherable muttering.

The only way to be rid of a Luck Eater is to Bless the person who is Cursed. What constitutes a Bless and a Curse is at the Keeper’s discretion.

Aura of Misfortune: The Luck Eater is always within arms reach of the cursed person, scuttling along as needed. No matter what the person does, the Luck Eater will always be right there, muttering.

If the accursed manages to escape the Eater of Luck (stepping into an elevator etc.) it will re-appear very soon.

While under this curse, the cursed has one-half their normal Luck characteristic, rounding down. Anyone near the cursed finds the creature hideous, and assumes it to be some friend or relative of the cursed. Such persons remain agitated as long as the cursed and Luck Eater are nearby, and must occasionally make a Luck roll. A failure will result in some annoying event, such as dropping an item, cutting themselves slightly, etc.

If the Luck Eater is killed, the cursed receives a wound in the same body part where the Luck Eater was struck, and incurs damage equal to the, now-dead, Luck Eater’s hit points. This damage can not be recovered with First Aid, but will otherwise heal as normal. Until the wound heals, the cursed will be prone to infection until Blessed. Within 24 hours of its death, the Luck Eater will re-appear, muttering away.

Eater of Luck

STR 14
POW 21
DEX 16
Move 8
HP 1D6+1/

Damage Bonus: N/A

Weapons: N/A

Spells: This creature knows no spells, but radiates bad luck, as described above, including the damage caused to the cursed if the Luck Eater is killed.

Skills: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4

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