Finally, a serious fiction workshop for writers not in college

Hey, this is Sean Hoade, the “new meat” at I will consider all Weird stories or novellas produced in my workshop for these very pages. (Of course, I will also consider Weird stuff not created in my workshop.) Have a look:

Friends and aspiring writers: You might be interested in a graduate-level-style fiction workshop taught by Yours Truly, just like the workshops I held at the University. It will run 13 weeks, and people would bring in a story for the class three times to be critiqued. You could do different stories or chapters from a WIP novel or novella.

This critique process, however, will be managed by myself as your “moderator” and guide. You will get the full experience of a weekly fiction seminar at the University level. When it is done, I will write a personalized letter for every participant that can be used for grad school admissions, general letter of recommendation, or just to look at and feel inspired.


Maybe on the ceiling.

Each workshop session will be 2 ½ hours on Wednesday nights from 9-11:30 pm ET (6-9:30 PT) for 13 weeks, starting June 10 and finishing September 2. There is a cap of 12 students and it costs just $130 including all materials. It will teach you not only how to write better, but perhaps even more importantly it will show you how to run a critique group of your own using established and effective techniques proven successful time after time.

If you don’t live in the Las Vegas area, you will ineract through video conferencing technology and Internet tools. If you are interested, please comment below or email me at [email protected] and let me know your contact information.

This may be the only time you can take part in a graduate-level workshop for YOUR fiction! I’d like to start this summer, so please let me know if you want in as soon as you can.


Pro tip: Don’t use a typewriter that gives you backwards letters. But we’ll be using computers, so it should be cool.

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