The Bruce Report: Resurrected II

The Bruce Report Resurrected #2.  Links to articles and websites
that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone interested in the strange and paranormal.

This week we have: Ancient Snake Worship; Ancient Arab Manuscripts Found In Library; Prince Charles’ Pagan Stone Circle; Witch
Helps Police Solve Horse Attacks; UFOs Will Land in 2003 (Yeah Right!); Voodoo-Priest Murdered; Swamp Creature Delays Road;
Artifact In Ohio Tied to Noah’s Ark?; Oldest Star Map in the World; Sick and Twisted Rebels in Uganda; Man Murders Cats; and a
Goblin Possessed Girl.

Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect the view of the editor.

Orphic Mysteries: Snake Cults In Antiquity

A look at the worship of snakes in Egypt and the Middle East from the time of the ancient Egyptians, to the Gnostics,
examining the symbolism of the cobra.

Restoring Ancient Arab Manuscripts

“The Austrian National Library (ANL) has discovered more than 282 volumes of ancient Arabic manuscripts in its
collections. The manuscripts are expected to add considerable amounts of information concerning the history and traditional
heritage of the Arabian Peninsula to existing knowledge.” There is no word yet if there are any Abd al-Hazard originals among
the works found. 

Stone Circle Could Be Used for Witchcraft

Locals fear a circle of stones, one of which is used as a picnic table, on land owned by Prince Charles, could be used for
witchcraft rituals.  Townsfolk are demanding the stone circle be destroyed, with a man interviewed for the article claiming
something that could have come from “The Dunwich Horror”.

Witch Helps Police Investigate Horse Attacks

At least 11 horses have been attacked in Britian, their tails cut off.  Police, fearing the attacks have an occult
connection, have asked a “white witch” for help in solving the mutiliations.  The witch helped solve several
similiar cases during the 90s, and claims there is a black magic cult in Scotland.

UFO Group: The Truth Will Land In 2003

Sure guys, sure.  How long have we been hearing this now?  Anytime now was what, 5 or 10 years ago.  Maybe I’m
jaded, but I’ll believe it when I see it on FNC.

Man Admits Killing Voodoo High Priest

A Minnesota man admitted to five year old murder of a voodoo-cult high priest.  Reportedly, the high priest told the man
to kill him, to complete a ritual.  The killer, and the high priest, believed that the high priests spirit would go into the
man, giving him the high priest’s knowledge, as well as the knowledge and power of those that came before the high priest. 
It does not say if the high priest also gained his powers this way.

Maori Swamp Creature Delays Road

A major road work has been delayed for fears that it is coming too close to the home of a supposed lake monster. 
Taniwha, or guardian spirits, are also said to frequent the area, and are blamed for a number of fatal car crashes on the road. 
The construction of a prison has also been blocked, because the Maori believe it is on the land of a scared taniwha.

The Ohio Decalog

Is a large and ancient stone-artifact found in Ohio before the Civil War connected to the ancient Hebrews, and does it also
have a connection to Noah’s Ark?

6,500 Year old Stone Circle and Monoliths in Egypt

Discovered in 1998, a group of monoliths in Egypt could be at least 6,500 years old, and the oldest known astrological map on
Earth.  Reportedly, the stones represent a view of the Milky Way galaxy as it would have apppeared 19,000 years ago. 
Detailing the monoliths, and an interview with someone who has studied them, and their connection to the other monuments in Egypt
and astronomy.

Uganda’s Cannibal Army

Lead by a man who claims to be possessed, the Lords Resistance Army is Uganda’s largest rebel group, which wants to establish
law based on the Ten Commandments.  The LRA is blaimed for the current famine in Uganda, and could be conducting more
horrifying atrocities.  The LRA abducts children, using them as soldiers and sex-slaves.  They have taken to mutiliating
their enemies.  And now, allegations of cannibalism have arisen, after the LRA forced funeral goers to eat the corpse of the
desceased.  Truely bizarre and sickening.

Girl Haunted By Goblins

Zimbabwe: A girl who claimed to be possessed by a goblin, now claims that a bigger goblin has taken possession of her body. 
The bigger goblin has threatened to kill the girl, since the smaller goblin was exposed.  The girls’ neighbor has been
accused of being a witch.  The girl herself is exposing dark secrets of her family, friends, and others, some of which
happened before she was born.  A local “expert” says the goblins may have possessed the girl to get revenge on
their former owner.

Man Burns Cats Who Were Plotting Against Him

I knew it!  My cats watching me, I can see it in their eyes!  I knew it wasn’t just me!  All joking aside, this
pretty sick individual also locked a woman in his laundry-room, dowsed her with insecticide, convinced she (as well as the cats)
were shape-shifters.

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