The Bruce Report: Resurrected

The Bruce Report Resurrected #1.  Links to articles and websites that may be of interest to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone interested in the paranormal.

This week we have:  The Son of Sam’s Occult Connections; Invasion of the Giant Jellyfish; Monsters of Arkansas (No, not Bill and Hillary); Monsters Force School Guard’s Early Retirement; Haunted Prison; Pre-Incan Ruins In Lake Titicaca; Ghostly Car Accidents; The History of Black Cats; Jersey Devil’s Big Screen; Angola UFO Crash; Tawain — the Cradle of Civilization?; UFO Responsible for Human death?

Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect the view of the editor.

I Am the Son of Sam!

Was there more than one person involved in the Son of Sam murders, and what were David Berkowitz’s connections of the occult underworld of New York?  Also, an interview with the author of a book about Berkowitz occult connections called “Ultimate Evil”.

Giant Jellyfish Invade Japanese Coast

Hundreds of large (100 kilograms or more) jellyfish are washing ashore, or getting caught in fishermen’s nets in Japan, becoming a risk both to fishermen, and the fishing industry.  Warmer water this year is blamed for the increase in the jellyfish.

Legendary Beasts Creep, Slither in State’s Forests and Waters

A brief article detailing some of the monsters that are said to haunt Arkansas.

Guards Resigns Over Mysterious Night Creatures

In Botswana, a school guards are refusing to serve as night watchmen at a certain school because of “tokolosi”, mischevious creatures that can appear as a dwarfish human, or a snake, and cause all sorts of mild havoc.

Prisoners Say They Can Still Hear Dead Men Walking

In Texas’ oldest prison, where 285 people have been executed since 1982, both prisoners and guards report seeing things that
should not be.

Pre-Incan Ruins Beneath Lake Titicaca,0,5517777.story?coll=sfla%2Dnews%2Dfringe

Peruvian archeaologists find an ancient city located in Lake Titicaca, but say it is not the legendary lost city of the
Incans.  Among the findings were a “Mystery Rock” 66 feet across, and a place were offerings and sacrifices were

“Ghost Mystery”of Accident Black Spot

In the past 18 months, a British farmer has seen 26 cars crash into the same spot of his fence.  There have been many
accidents on this same spot of the highway, some very terrible, but incredibly, no one has been killed.  Local villagers
blame the ghosts of a 60 year old accident for the recent accidents.

Under the Spell of Black Cats

A look at the history of human beliefs, myths, and superstitions of black cats, and how that affects us, even in the modern

From Legend to Film Idol

The legend of the Jersey Devil comes to the big screen in “13th Child”, a low budget horror film just opening in New
Jersey.  The film details a man investigating a series of murders, who comes across an old hermit who has made a deal with
the devil.  Says the director about the Jersey Devil: “It’s a classic creature, unlike anything else on the planet. It’s
not Sasquatch, it’s not a dinosaur, it’s just an infernally evil entity..”

UFO Crashes To Ground in Angola

The Angolan military is investigating the crash of a sphere-shaped UFO, measuring 50 centimeters across and weight 10
kilograms.  The object was said to have crashed with a loud explosion, which caused nearby villagers to flee their homes in

A Rock and a Hard Place

In what sounds like a rehashing of stories about Mu, two Taiwanese researchers have published a book “Taiwan — The
Cradle of Civilization” which forwards their belief that Taiwan was once part of a continent that stretched from Taiwan to
Hawaii.  They believe that this was the birthplace of humanity, and from this continent humans spread across the world. In
addition, they speak of the pyramids and stone monoliths of Taiwan, and stone age peoples’ encounters with ancient astronauts.

Spirit in the Sky

Were aliens from outer-space responsible for the death of a Colombian farmer in 1966, or could it have been a top secret
experiment by the US government?


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