Review: Wayward Masquerade Custom Cthulhu Dice Bag

Wayward Masquerade

My Dice Bag from Wayward Masquerade

A little over a week ago, I received quite the interesting package from the out past the South Pacific. Inside was an effigy of terrifying grace that exuded beautiful madness. If ever before I had doubted the depths a sane man can fall, those doubts were forever smothered by the arrival of my custom handmade Cthulhu Dice Bag by Wayward Masquerade.

Wayward’s designer, Bridget, makes one hell of a product, combining quality materials with custom requests. She has mustaches, monocles, top hats, and more. Originally, she asked if I wanted mine to have the top hat or the mustache. My reply was “I like my esoteric demon gods to look as evil as they actually are. Her reply was to deliver a forest green dice bag with dark purple veins sewn into it. Along those veins and the edges of the wings were glow in the dark paint. My soul was devoured as soon as I turned off the lights.

Esoteric Glowing Dice Bag of Doom!!!

Esoteric Glowing Dice Bag of Doom!!!

Bridget describes herself as a geek who has “a demonic sewing machine that likes to extract blood sacrifices out of me from time to time, so i struck a deal with the dark old one, and now i send demonic effigies of him out into the world to help enslave the minds of humans and add to his power.”

My dice bag has been put to effective work in holding my Ghostbusters Board Game dice and my Cthulhu Dice. When it’s game time, I give a loud “Cthulhu Fthagn” and take a shot of Kraken before touching my empowered effigy.

Another great point about the bag is it’s size. In the images, I was under the impression that it might be only a little larger than my hand, but it was actually almost double the size. It stands between 8 and 10 inches tall, and the bag itself has a large capacity. I was quite impressed.

Upon making the request, the price point is just shy of $100, and does require two months for Bridget to design, build, and ship. In the end, the product is more than worth it. If you’re a gamer, or just into novelty bags, or are just looking for a great cloth Cthulhu, Wayward Masquerade is the place to go. I’ll be recommending Wayward Masquerade to all of my gaming friends.

Various Examples

Various Examples

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