The Stars were right, because I’m in Providence!

Gentle Readers, after a 3-day bus trip that has caused soreness in areas of my body not formerly known to science, I am in the city of Providence, H.P. Lovecraft’s familiar haunt (GET IT? OMG HUMOR). It is a beautiful town, and I shall be EHRMAGERD posting her and on Facebook like a man on fire trying desperately to get a friend request accepted from a bucket of water.

I will for now publish just a teaser since nothing has actually started yet, but PICS!


I’m here! I’m ready for the darkness!


Downtown Providence!




The Montego Sun Casino! A little taste of home!



Goody Watkins and my bad self at the before party!

Next up! Amazing Lovecraftian people! Nothing really starts today, but I shall bother people and get that video to YOU!


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