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Just Another Apocalypse

A group of civilians being lead through a ruined city street escorted by armed rescuers. In the sky are these flying monsters that are a cross between a bat, a squirrel and a snake and behind it all is a green and purple energy wave closing in on them. The group should be lead by two men, one is a tall bearish man with a black beard and the other is also a bearded man about half as big as the first. They both have rifles and are dressed in a post-apocalyptic fashion.

The civilian cart nearest me lurched to a halt; the driver, his wife, and daughter were arguing. “Move!” I yelled without breaking stride. “We have to get to cover! The next wave is coming, and we have to get indoors!”

They stopped at my harsh words and stood there for a moment. Then a distant screeching echoed off the ruined buildings. They dropped everything and ran, the parents half dragging their young child who was sobbing. Urgent yelps of concern rang out down the line of people as everyone abandoned their wagons and freed as many of the mules as they could but time was running out. “Leave everything, including the pack animals!”, Rick yelled from the back. “The streets here are too full of debris and ruin, going on foot is the only way forward. Move!”

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A Midnightmare Stop 

Black and white, gritty, noir, an image of a beastly form/werewolf as the night sky/backrgound of the image and within that space is the gas station/mini mart with the bus and cars, a man running or coyotes.

I abruptly awoke into darkness. Screaming, someone was screaming.

“No, NOOOO!!!”, a male voice from beyond the darkness pleaded. That voice: it was so full of terror, so soaked in fear, and with the pitch of one who is about to…a deep snapping squelch cut across the darkness with finality. The screaming stopped.

I held my breath and listened, not moving a muscle. My awareness grew and my heartbeat was deafening in my ears. Surely it could be heard for miles around it was so loud. I had to get control of myself. My thoughts were a jumble but some of them cut through the panic and chaos; what had killed the screaming man? Was I next? What the hell is going on?

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