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Mi-go Brain Cylinder Mobility Unit

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Cyborg Explorer

Did we find Lieutenant Wilson? Sure we did…sort of? At least I think it was him. The canister talked like him and knew who we were. He said he could help us fight the weird fungal looking crab things if we put the canister…him, I guess… into the…“mobility unit” he called it. When we did, it stood up like a giant bronze skeleton. Scared the shit out of me too, I’ll admit. The voice then came from the skeleton thing. It said, “Thanks, boys. Time to get to work,” just like the LT always did before we went into action. Then it ran off further into the bunker complex. We never saw it…err…him after that. We did find a bunch of those crab things, dead, slowly melting? Evaporating? I don’t know. Left behind just grease slicks. Like I said we never saw the mobility thing again. We did find Lieutenant Wilson’s body later, as we explored the complex after all the crab things were dead or fled. Just his body though. His brain looked like it was scooped out with a giant melon baller or something.

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Mi-go Human Hybrids

Normal looking human with their scalp pushed back like a hood to display a fungal fruiting body (something like the orange ball in the picture below) tucked behind their face and ears as if it were theri skull

It looked just like any normal human. It was only under closer examination that the true horror that had lived in our midst became clear. Vile abomination! An unholy blending of human and alien flesh used to invade and undermine our civilization. What’s worse it wore the flesh of an old friend. If I could hunt down every last one of those monstrosities and all of their alien kin I would! Unfortunately you idiots have me locked up in this ‘institution’.

Taken from a transcript of an interview with Martin Case, a patient at Agnews State Mental Hospital, Santa Clara, CA.

Alternative names: Vile abominations

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Tusk Mice

Ostensibly like some what large mice, but with two long needly like dusks on their lower jaw

“They are small, gray or brown, and look velvety soft. Cute, really. Except for those tusks. Those actually look like they could do some damage. Then, when the little bastards start swarming, all thoughts of cuteness vanish right quick. Wish I didn’t take that path through the forest. Didn’t even notice the little holes in the hillside where I decided to take a break, until they started streaming out. I woke up not long after that.”

-from the dream journal of Charles Curry 
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