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Stelliform Liquivores

A neon-glowing feather star roughly the size of a compact car, with its fronds ending in little fiber-optic needles.

A new dimension-traveling threat for the Delta Green RPG.

It swims lazily through the air, propelling itself with waving fiber-optic fronds like some sort of vibrant deep-sea feather star, catching the currents of an ocean that human eyes cannot perceive. It’s a mass of vibrant, curling frills the size of a compact car, pulsating with a hypnotic array of nameless colors to a rhythm matching that of a heartbeat-

Your heartbeat, in fact, which begins to accelerate as you realize that the creature floating before you is drifting in your direction with speed one wouldn’t expect from something so delicate. You try to run, but it’s no use; your entire body feels as if suspended in water, and your feet cannot find any purchase on the ground.

Whatever otherworldly currents this creature swims through, you are now caught in them.

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