Shouyokai are revenants reanimated through the agent of the Shouyu mold. Shouyu is an alien parasitical mold that has enslaved planetary populations. Every part of the Shouyo is connected to its collective consciousness, and therefore, part of the whole. There is no central intelligence or body: each colony of mold IS the collective consciousness, and that trait is extended to the beings that it infects. The only goal of Shouyu is to expand.

In its natural state…while a hearty mold…the Shouyu is still vulnerable to extreme conditions, though part of its lifecycle allows for it to spoor in a protein coating that affords protection from the rigors of the interplanetary void, drifting aimlessly among the stars until it comes across a planet where it can thrive and overtake animal life on the planet. The mold smells powerfully of soy sauce.

Once it arrives in a system, it will work toward its goal of reproduction and infection using whatever means at its disposal. And as sentient beings that become infected retain their intelligence, losing only their autonomy, it specializes in subverting local culture to its own ends.

STR 3d6x5 (60) CON 3d6x5 (60) SIZ 2d6+6×5 (70) DEX 3d6x5 (60)
INT 2d6+6×5 (70) APP 3d6x5 (60) POW 3d6x5 (60) EDU – SAN – HP (13)
DB (1d4) BUILD (1) MOVE (7) MP (12)
SAN nothing until the Shouyokai is revealed for what it is Living Shouyokai have whatever weapon skills that they had prior to possession, so use weapons appropriate for their previous occupation and skills.

Weapon: 45%-75% (22/9::37/15) Damage appropriate to weapon

If a character is hit, they must make a CON save, failure risks if a character has been ‘primed’ then they risk infection*.

*Upon being infected, a character makes a CON roll, a failure adds 1d5 to a character’s exposure rating (starting at 0%), kept in secret by the keeper. After 24 hours percentile dice are rolled, if this roll is made the character starts to lose 1d6 SAN/day as the alien presence starts to consume their will, when their SAN drops to zero, they are Shouyokai and are able to think independently, but their will is completely eclipsed by Shouyu

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