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Origins: el fin

As all good things must come to an end (and you always wondered why we chose chaotic evil), so must Origins. Here’s the blow by blow and play by play for Saturday night and Sunday. Why combine two days into one? Because they.. both kinda greyed together.. Continue reading »

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Origins Day One: The Verbing….

Origins day one: We got here around 3am last night. Woke up at 7:30am.
God kill me. The con ran from from 1 till 8. I did get to check out the sites in
the con Continue reading »

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Origins a Go-Go

HEY KIDS!! Its that time of year! Flowers bloom, byakhee scream, and deepones commit debauchery, and con’s spring up. AS SUCH, your faithful minions of will be there, to report on what there is to be seen, represent you the Cthulhu faithful, and if we see you there, more than likely mug you in the parking lot for your newly purchased dice. Continue reading »

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Order of Dagon with Chips

Quantum Muse ( presents “My Part in the Dooming of Mankind” by Jacob Lewis this month in their “Alternative” fiction section. Lazy slobs who wouldn’t know a Deep One if it came battered and deep-fried with their order of calamari need not apply.

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