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Avian Shoggoths

We’d been chasing reports of a condor for over week when we saw it, soaring high above us on the thermals rising out of these canyons. It looked massive from here, and our photographer struggled to track it. We needed pictures to see if it was banded, part of a breeding program, or a wild born animal we hadn’t yet identified in our conservation efforts. Suddenly our photographer screamed and dropped his camera. He curled into a ball and started babbling about blinking eyes and slavering mouths. He said it wasn’t a condor. He said a lot of things, but we didn’t believe him then. I wish we had.

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Lovecraft Country Shoggoths

HBO Subscribers: Welcome to Lovecraft. FYI, those things in the woods weren’t shoggoths.  They were something else. Even before watching the first episode of Love

Trollboy, August 17, 2021

Before seeing the first episode of HBO’s “Lovecraft Country,” based upon the book of the same name by Matt Ruff, I was seeing posts about it on Facebook. I was surprised at how quickly supernatural monsters turned up in the show (granted, it was the end of the first episode, but it was still the first episode!) I read the posts and comments, wondering what could actually be so confusing, and then HBO Max released episode one on Youtube.

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