Support a writer’s quest and get 12 BOOKS! (and a poster)

Good people of, hear me!

becky and me

Your humble Assistant Acquisitions Poobah (that’s me) has a Patreon going to support the writing of 12 novels. Six of them are already out there, and the next six will be written over the next year or so … at least they will with your help. There are great rewards, the best of which is ONE BOOK PER MONTH FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS! The next reward goes out to anyone who has supported the cause by June 30.

Have a look at the plan, won’t you? You can read the first half of all of my published books at my website,, and everything you’d like to know is in the video below!
Thanks, guys, and keep those stories coming to us!

Stop by click the pic below:


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