Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth

Dr. Pearl had been looking very pale and acting very strange for that last month or so. A janitor reported seeing her after hours in the metal shop, using an acetylene torch on a metal cube of some sort. The janitor reported it to campus security, but nothing was done about it. Dr. Pearl being tenured and all. I guess. Anyway, she left some sort of half melted lead sarcophagus in the metal shop and the University had to pay to have the area abated. It was after that happened that she started ranting…talking to herself, hiding in her office and cancelling classes. I had never known her to be violent in any way whatsoever. Hell, she is…well was a strict vegan and animal rights advocate. Total hippie. To think that she was out there ritualistically killing children and removing their organs…then ran off to Dunwich and did all that insanity….  

[Statement of Marlie McKurdy, Archaeology/Anthropology Department Secretary, Miskatonic U.]

Alternate names: protean malefactor, neuropathic assimilator, destroyer of reputations

The Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth is a parasitic subspecies of shoggoth which invades a host body, inserts itself into their limbic brain structure, and manipulates the host to do its bidding. When operating without orders, it will compel its host to commit wanton acts of physical violence. If bound and under orders from another intelligence, it will force the victim to follow the orders until completion, vacate the host, and return to its master. Whoever or whatever is in command must somehow inform the victim as to what the goal is (example: a note or phone call, “Kill John Weiss, tear his eyes out”). 

Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoths are small (ferret sized), quick, elastic, greasy skinned, and inky black in color. Like a shoggoth, they have the ability to manipulate their bodies and form organs and appendages as needed. When attacking, they form tendrils to grasp and barbed spikes to stab and hook its target. When ready to invade its victim, it forms a scalpel sharp, spike-like head to drive itself into its host—a horrific site to behold. It prefers to enter its host via an already available orifice but will bore through flesh if necessary. It moves very fast and is extremely hard to locate and attack. When in its grasp, it is very slippery and nearly impossible to remove, requiring Extreme DEX and STR rolls. It can bore through flesh in two rounds and enter through an open orifice in one. Once inside the host it liquefies and invades the cellular structure of the brain. It cannot be removed via surgery. The shoggoth prefers to invade when the target is unawares (sleeping/leaping onto back or into the mouth) so there is no resistance. 

This shoggoth only has an animal level of intelligence (only able to obey simple commands). So, rather than outright mind control, they invade hosts’ minds and use their knowledge to operate, chemically compelling them by manipulating the brain directly via the brain’s pleasure and pain receptors—similar to drug addiction or impulse control issues. The host can try to resist the parasite (a truly mind-shattering, dreadful experience), but the protean malefactor will eventually win out. In the end, very few can resist. 

Resisting the Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth’s influence requires daily challenges (Extreme POW rolls and grinds down 1D4+1 points of sanity). SAN loss for any violent acts the host commits also applies. The sufferer will begin acting strange, ranting, talking to themselves, quit eating and sleeping etc. almost immediately after infestation.

The parasite feeds off the host during its infestation usually vacating shortly before they expire or after it completes it’s ‘mission’ (Draining 1D3 × 10 CON per week). Once fed, the shoggoth will usually hibernate unless bound to an overseer.   

The origins of the Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth are unknown, though veiled references have been found in the writings of Eibon. Two theories exist: they are either a product of mi-go genetic manipulation; or perhaps a product of Serpent Person Alchemy. A few specimens have been found sealed in lead sarcophagi with spells and warnings engraved upon them.   



2D6 × 5
(2D6+6) × 5
(2D6+12) × 5
3D6 × 5


Average Hit Points: 7
Average Damage Bonus: -1
Average Build: -2
Average Magic Points: 10
Move: 10

Attacks per round:  2 (stab, rip and grab) 1 (bore/penetrate); Engulf (small)

Due to its elastic nature, the shoggoth has the ability to utilize different forms of attack. Its preferred method is to ambush its victim use its tendrils to grasp and then shoot out hooked and barbed ripping spikes and tendrils to rip and tear. With a successful grab maneuver, it can attempt to bore or penetrate the victim. While in attack mode, its spiked and slippery nature make it very difficult to remove once adhered. It can forgo its second attack to bore or penetrate the victim.
Grab, Stab and Rip: the Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth’s preferred method of attack is to attach itself to its victim and quickly try to force itself inside their body. If there is any resistance it will fight back. It will create black, hooked, barbed spikes and sharp tendrils to stab, stash and adhere to the target. It will form outward facing spikes to protect itself while attempting to bore/penetrate its target. 
Defensive Measures: Extreme DEX and STR rolls are required to remove the vicious little critter when attached to a victim/potential host. Attempting to remove one incurs a 75% chance to take 1D4+2 points of spike/sharp tendril damage if using hands or another part of  the body to attempt to wrest it loose.
Bore/Penetrate: once attached to it’s target the Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth will either force it’s way into an orifice or drive a hole into their flesh. It takes one round to enter an orifice, two rounds to bore into their flesh.
Engulf: with a successful engulf attack the shoggoth will engulf and absorb it’s victim (SIZ 05 or smaller) into its  body mass, where it can be digested. While being digested, the victim suffers the creature’s damage bonus in damage each round from caustic acids and digestive fluids. Those held may attempt to break free with an opposed STR roll each round. 

Fighting 55% (27/11), 1D4+2 + DB
Defensive Measures 75% (37/15) 1D4+2 + DB
Grab 80% (40/16), Extreme DEX and STR rolls to attempt removal which is difficult due to it’s size, evasiveness and barbed hooks. 
Bore/Penetrate 75% (37/15)  
Dodge 80% (40/16)

Jump 55%, Locate Intended Target 75%, Stealth 75%. 

Armor: none; mundane weapons deal only 1 point of damage per hit; regenerates 2 hit points per round (death at zero hit points).
Spells: none.
Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 points to encounter the malefactor; an additional 1/1D6 for witnessing its violent invasion; and a victim losses another 2/2D8 points if the shoggoth sucessfully invades their body. 

Once infected, resisting the Parasitic Mind Control Shoggoth’sinfluence requires daily challenges requiring Extreme POW rolls to resist, which grinds down 1/1D4+1 points of sanity. SAN loss for any violent acts the host commits also applies. 

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