The Undying Sphinx

Guardians of the Tombs, Living Hatred, Sons of Khafre

In the yellow light of the lamp, they saw a monstrous creature enter through the opening in the wall…a creature with a body of a huge lion and the withered, ages old head of a man! The girl slumped to the floor…and Professor Burton had the time to emit short, petrified scream before the sphinx leaped!

Jack Oleck and Jack Davis “Tomb’s Day”, Vault of Horror #35
The Undying Sphinx
The Undying Sphinx by DOTURNAL

In ancient tombs hidden by the sands of Egypt prowl abominations with an all-consuming hatred of the living. 

Sometime during the earliest days of what would become protodynastic Egypt (circa 3200 BCE), sorcerer-priests in the court of a forgotten king attempted to build a living bridge between men and the gods. With their fumbling understanding of magic and science, they crossed bred men and lions. Oracles were created, but not as the sorcerer-priests had hoped.

What was born spewed prayers to forbidden gods as they ripped their way from their mothers. Grown to full-size in just minutes, the monsters chased down the fleeing sorcerer-priests that attended the births. The beasts whispered the sought-after prophecies as they ate the men alive. Though the palace guards were able to subdue the beasts at the costs of many lives, the sphinx could not be controlled or tamed. The king ordered them be used as guardians of tombs, sealed away for all eternity with the revered dead. All records of the monsters and the blasphemous rites that created them were ordered destroyed.

The monsters still live today. Though near immortal, succumbing only to violence, the man-like heads of the sphinx do age slowly. The most ancient of the monsters have mummified faces, dried and sunken. 

During the reign of Khafre (circa 2750 BCE), another attempt was made to create a sphinx based on a surviving record, that time as a weapon of war. The results were the same. This sphinx was imprisoned in a secret tomb of Khafre. Sometime in the early 20th century, archaeologists stumbled upon this tomb, unleashing the monster after millennia. 


Blindsight: After millennia trapped in lightless catacombs, the Undying Sphinx have grown accustomed to the darkness. It may navigate without difficulty in total darkness or if blinded. The light of torches, lanterns, or flashlights do not bother it. Exposed to direct sunlight, it must make a successful POW roll or be stunned for 1 round. 

Spells: An Undying Sphinx of high intelligence (INT 55 or higher) may know a handful of spells (1D6 + 1), relating to Nyarlathotep, Ghouls, cats, lions, darkness, and foretelling the future. 

The Undying Sphinx, vicious predator

char rollaverage
STR(7D6 + 4) X 5140
CON(3D6 + 2) X 560
SIZ(5D6 + 2) X 5100
DEX(2D6 + 12) X 595
INT(2D6 + 3) X 550
POW(3D6 + 3) X 565

Average Hit Points: 16

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Build: 3

Magic Points:13

Move: 10


Attacks per round: 2 (bite, claw) or 1 (pounce). An Undying Sphinx may attack with a bite and/or claw each round. 

Pounce (mnvr): An Undying Sphinx attempts to leap on its victim. If successful, the victim is pinned under the weight and claws of the monster. The Undying Sphinx gains a bonus round to bite each round the victim is pinned. The victim may escape with a successful EXTREME STR or DEX roll. 

Fighting: 60% (30/12), damage 1D6 + DB

Pounce: 60% (30/12), damage pinned

Dodge: 50%

Armor: 4 points of fur and muscle. An Undying Sphinx regenerates 1D6+1 hit points a turn. Unless reduced to ashes or melted in acid, an Undying Sphinx will come back to life with full hit points in 24 hours.

Skills: Climb 80%, Jump 60%, Listen 60%, Scent 60%, Stalk 90%Sanity Loss: 1/1D12 to encounter an Undying Sphinx.

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