Octobernomicon, Oct 7: The Smurl Poltergeist

The Smurl Poltergeist, Unique Entity

Named for the family it haunted throughout the seventies and eighties, the Smurl Poltergeist is a loathsome and violent entity, that delights in the agony it inflicts on human beings. The bestial spirit is known to have raked people with terrible claws, lifted and thrown them, and subjected its victims to repeated rapes. Though violent, it seems the entity does not seek to kill, but to torture and spread anguish.

Mediums and psychic investigators claim the entity is four different spirits. In truth, the poltergeist is one entity that can manifest in a number of ways. The first is a shadowy-figure with little substance and no face, but an aura of malice. The second is a haggish-old woman with stringy white-hair, hateful red-eyes, and bleeding sickly green gums. The third is the most fearsome, an unwholesome combination of pig and man, walking on two legs. When not manfested in a physical form, the poltergeist makes its presence known through knocking on the walls, hog-like noises, and a debilitating foul odor.

What motivates the entity to haunt one family over another is unknown. Some theorize it is attracted to the emotional energies released by adolescents entering puberty. A haunting by the poltergeist may take years to turn violent. The victims will hear odd noises, experience strange sensations, find electronics shorting out, disembodied, but very angry voices, and see shadowy forms skirting their peripheral vision. As the years progress, so do the intensity of the phenomena, finally exploding in an orgy of violence and sexual assault.

Though there is only one recorded encounter by the entity, there may be other entities out there similiar to the Smurl Poltergeist.

Special Effects and Attacks:
Odor: Spending one magic point, the poltergeist can fill a room, or affect a single target, with an overpowering smell. Any humans in the area must roll CON X 5 or suffer paralyzing nausea and vomitting.

Telekinesis: For every magic point spent, the entity can lift or manipulate objects up to 10 lbs. The poltergeist can use its telekinesis to grapple and hold a person or object; every magic point spent translates into 2 STR.

Claws: For each magic point spent, the Smurl Poltergeist can attack one target with phantom claws. The attack is made at POW x 2, and does 1d4 damage.

Voice: The entity can manifest as a terrifying voice that is parts humans and pig. Any the disembodied voice must make a sanity roll, or cower or flee in terror (keeper’s choice). There is no sanity loss from hearing the voice.

Possession: The poltergiest spends one POW, and matches its POW against the targets POW on the resistance table. Upon success, the poltergeist has possessed the target, and will act its most vile desires out through the unfortunate human. The possession last a number of days equal to the entity’s POW minus the victim’s POW (i.e; The poltergeist has 25 POW, and the victim 13, the possession will last 12 days), or until forcefully expelled through magical means.

Smurl Poltergeist, Hog-Like Horror

INT 18 – POW 25 – DEX N/A

Mov 7 – HP N/A

Damage Bonus: None

Weapon: See Special Attacks Above

Armor: None; the Smurl Poltergeist is immunne to all physical attacks. Magical attacks do normal damage, targetting the entity’s POW. Religious iconography and rituals cause the entity great discomfort, but do not harm it; in fact, they only cause to enrage it further.

Sanity Loss: 1/1d6 to see either the shadowy-form or old-hag manifestations; 1/1d10 to see the Hog-Horror manifestation.

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