Le Lechuza

In the rafters of the half-fallen barn, we saw her, the source of our torments for almost a year. The flashlight beam fell across the horrid, yet human face. Her black eyes contained all the hatred in the world. If she could have killed us with a simple glare, she would have. She spread her wings, and hissed and clicked, making noises impossible for a human throat. 

Alternative names: Owl Witches 

It has the face of a beautiful woman but with a cold expression on her face and giant black eyes. Scraggly, long black hair hangs from the top of her head. The body is that of a giant owl. Stunted arms cling to its sides, while wings extend from its back. Wicked claws tip the end of its scaled, featherless feet.
La Lechuza by Brad Hicks

Le Lechuzas were once members of an all-female cult worshipping Shub-Nigguarath in its Búho de Sangre aspect. The cult was once widespread along the Rio Bravo del Norte in Mexico. After a series of infant sacrifices brought the cult to the attention of the Mexican authorities, the cult was stamped out in the 1850s. Few records were kept, and no trials were held; anyone suspected of worshiping Búho de Sangre was executed on the spot. The goddess “blessed” her most faithful by resurrecting them as Le Lechuza.

In the daylight, Le Lechuzas resemble a barn owl, albeit about twice the size of the animal. At night, or in any dark space obscured from the sun, their true form is revealed. They retain much of the same shape and size. However, the owl’s face is replaced with that of a beautiful, yet scornful and cold woman. Instead of teeth, inside of their mouth are a pair of sharp bones, one upper and one lower, much like a beak. The eyes are an owl’s eyes, reflective black pools. In addition to wings, a pair of small, almost stunted, arms cling to their chests. 

Le Lechuzas seem to exist simply to torment people, as if they are exacting some measure of revenge against the world for their fate. It is unclear how or why Le Lechuzas pick people to haunt, though one common factor is each experienced a joyful event just before being targeted. The unfortunates chosen will be plagued by a series of bad luck and frightening paranormal events for months. This can range from expensive home repairs, car breakdowns, and mild yet lasting illnesses, to seeing the ghosts of deceased loved ones, odd noises in the home, and bad dreams of owls. They may also notice themselves being followed or watched by multiple owls. When Le Lechuzas grow bored, they carry away a victim to eat. Despite their small size, the creatures as unnaturally strong. Le Lechuzas can carry a full-grown human in their claws. 

Hungry or angry Le Lechuza may not take the time to torment a victim, instead attacking and eating them immediately.

Le Lechuza can create more of their number from the remains of a victim. It vomits up a pellet containing the bones and hair of a victim. It will be tended to and cared for, much like a bird would an egg. After several months, the pellet will grow into a new Le Lechuza with the face of the victim. Le Lechuza exclusively choose female victims for this purpose. 

The cult of Búho de Sangre still exists in small pockets to this day. Worshipers often revere Le Lechuza as messengers of the goddess. Ceremonies are sometimes led by the monsters. Both the monsters and the cult have spread deeper into Mexico and the United States in the modern day. 

Le Lechuza, feeders on joy

STR6D6 x 5105
CON3D6 x 555
SIZ(1D6+3) x 530
DEX3D6 x 555
INT6D6 x 5105
POW4D6 x 585

Average Hit Points: 8

Average Damage Bonus: +1D4

Average Build: 1

Average Magic Points: 17

Move: 1 / 12 flying


Attacks per round: 1 (talons) or 1 (pounce) or 1 (snatch)

Le Lechuza fight by raking and stabbing with the wicked claws on their hands and feet. 

Pounce (mnvr): Le Lechuza throws itself against an opponent, knocking them to the ground. The initial attack does 1D6 damage from the monster’s claws and the fall. Using their strength to hold down the opponent, Le Lechuza can make an automatically successful Fighting attack on them each subsequent round. The victim may free themselves with a successful opposed Strength roll. Le Lechuza must release the victim to perform any other action.

Snatch (mnvr): Le Lechuza grabs a victim in its talons and carries them away to feed on. The initial attack does 1D4 damage. The victim may escape with a successful opposed Strength roll. Le Lechuza must release the victim to perform any other action.

FightingPounce (mnvr)Snatch (mnvr)Dodge50% (25/10), damage 1D6 + damage bonus. 50% (25/10), damage 1D6, automatic attack each round following.45% (22/9), damage 1D4, victim carried away.55% (27/11) 


Intimidate 60%.

Armor: 1 point of thick feathers. Non-magical weapons do not harm Le Lechuzas. Bullets and melee attacks bounce off them with audible thuds. Each is effectively immortal, dying only through violence. 

Spells: Each Le Lechuza knows 1D6+2 spells, typically spells used to torment others. Common spells known include Contact Shub-Niggurath (Bùho de Sangre), Control Weather, Create Mists of R’lyeh, Curse of the Putrid Mask, Dread Curse of Azathoth, and Evil Eye. Older, more powerful Le Lechuza may know Death Spell. 

Sanity Loss: 1D3/1D6 Sanity to encounter Le Lechuza.  

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