Echo Swine

These pigs are extremely rare, the result of selective breeding by blasphemous cultists, sorcerers, and covens with skills in animal husbandry. Despite a keepers’ best efforts, the special traits of this pig do not often breed true. It is estimated that few as 1 in 250 piglets sired or born of an Echo Swine inherit the special genes which makes them unique. 

At a glance an Echo Swine appears identical to regular domestic pigs. Those making a hard Natural History roll, or whom are familiar with raising pigs, may notice these creatures have a three dewclaws on each trotter, whereas normal pigs only have two. In behavior they are also similar to normal pigs, but seem to always be hungry no matter how much they eat. They maintain good muscle mass no matter how much they ingest or how little physical activity they have. They also do not like to be around other pigs, unless they are in season for breeding.  Otherwise they are usually kept in solitary pens to prevent them from killing and eating their passel mates.

A very large domestic pic, moving its mouth to speak.
Echo Swine by Luis Reina

When such a pig is born it requires a particular diet to unlock its special ability. Keepers must feed such pigs a diet of human flesh during their weening process, and again on each solstice and equinox for the rest of their lives. If this regiment of diet is maintained then an Echo Swine has an amazing, and horrifying ability. 

When an Echo pig is given a whole human corpse it devours it completely, usually taking between 1 and 2 hours. After they compete this meal they fall into a deep slumber, as if drugged, and do not wake for four hours. When an Echo Swine awakes it possesses the full memories and personality of the person it devoured as well as the ability to speak human language. Hard success on a Persuade roll to convince an Echo Swine that they were not, in fact, a pig with human memories and not a person somehow turned into a pig.

So complete are these memories that the Echo Pig firmly believes they ARE the deceased person, somehow transformed into swine form. To their memory everything went black (the moment they died) and then they woke up in somehow transformed into a pig. It would take a 

This condition lasts a full 24 hours after waking from this stupor, and is dispelled once the human corpse is fully digested. 

Cultist keep these pigs to quickly dispose of bodies, but also for purposes of interrogation. When possessing the memory and personality of the person they devoured cultists often tell Echo Pigs that they’ll be restored to human form if they answer the interrogator’s questions. Alternately keepers could simple refuse to feed the Echo Pig, and when faced with such intense hunger they readily break and confess whatever they know. Strangely, when given a bucket of slops an Echo Pig always digs in greedily, even when possessing a victim’s identity. 

Echo Swine,  Teller of Secrets & Voice to Lives Lost

Char. Averages rolls

STR   55 (3D6+4) x 5

CON   65 (6D6+6) x 5

SIZ   55 (2D6+4) x 5

DEX   35 2D6 x 5

INT   35 2D6 x 5

POW   45 (2D3+5) x 5

HP 12

Av. Damage Bonus: 0

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 9

Move 9


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite, Bash, Gore)

Fighting Attacks: May use its body to bash or charge into an opponent, bite or gore with its tusks. 

Fighting, 40% (20 / 8), 1D4+db

Gore   40% (20 / 8), 1D6+db

Dodge 35% (17/7)  

Armor: 3 – Point Hide

Skills: Spot Hidden (Scent) 50%. 

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter an Echo Swine (only while possessing a victim’s memory and personality)

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