October 3rd: Mirror: Avatar of Bast

“From the edge of the lamplight, amid the swirling dust of the tomb, strode a cat with fur as black as the night sky. Purring loudly, it began to curl against my legs, nuzzling me. As I reached down to pet the cat, she looked up, her bright green eyes piercing my awareness. “Meow,” she said, and I knew her name to be Mirror.”

At some point an Investigator is approached by a black cat. Their treatment of the cat will determine Bast’s opinion of them. If this person mistreats the cat, it will hiss and spit, then escape if possible. Thereafter, all cats will react badly to this Investigator, often attacking. Additionally, any interaction with any Bast-related objects, beings and/or activities will not benefit that person and may be detrimental.

If the Investigator reacts kindly to the cat, they will be struck by the realization that the cat’s name is Mirror and that they have become her “kitten.” Mirror will become a constant companion, which also results in 1D6+1 additional cats showing up wherever the kitten goes.

In order to claim her kitten, Mirror will, soon after they meet, bite the Investigator on the forehead, just over the pineal gland, causing them to slip into a day-long coma. During this time, she will lie and/or sit upon them and be very protective of them.

Mirror will ordinarily appear as a normal, black, domestic cat, and can emerge from any reflective surface, though she prefers mirrors. If killed, her body will fade away and she will reappear through a reflective surface within hours.

In situations of danger, Mirror will transform into a black panther or mountain lion (the same creature) and viciously defend her kitten and their companions, though her kitten always takes priority.

Mirror has nine lives. Once she has died eight times, her body will again fade away and she can no longer appear to her now previous kitten or anyone else in their investigating group.

Mirror, Age of the Universe, Combat Form.

STR 17
CON 11
SIZ 15
INT 18
POW 20
DEX 19
Move 12
HP 13/

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Bite 50%, damage 1D10
Claws 50%, damage 1D6+db
Rake 80%, damage 2D6+db

All of Mirror’s attacks are magical. She may attack with both claws and bite each round. If both claws hit, she hangs on, biting or choking the target and may rake with her hind claws.

Armor: 5 points of fur and tough skin. Mirror regenerates 2 HP/round until dead.

Spells: None

Call the Litter. At will, Mirror can summon hundreds of cats, who simply run from out of a viewer’s perspective: from around corners, the distance etc. These cats will be of every imaginable domestic type and color.

Mother’s Kiss. Mirror can heal her kitten and his companions. While she will cuddles and purrs contentedly, she may spend magic points to heal hit point damage and lost sanity points. If the subject is her kitten, she is able to provide one point of healing or one sanity per magic point spent; for any of the kitten’s companions, she must spend two magic points per point of damage or sanity recovered. Sanity may not be restored beyond 99-Cthulhu Mythos.

She may only do this once per subject until they have incurred another incident of damage or sanity loss. She cannot remove any insanity, restore life, limbs or any statistic other than hit points and Sanity points.

While under her care, the subject feels comforted and falls into a gentle sleep, in which no nightmares can occur. They will dream of being in a desert in the presence of Mirror. She will appear sometimes in her black cat form, and other times as a strikingly beautiful woman, with jet black skin and the head of a cat.

She will be dressed in rich clothing, as if royalty or a priestess. In either form, she moves with remarkable grace and speaks gently to the Investigator. The Subject, upon awakening, will remember that Mirror spoke to them, but they will not remember any details of what she said. They always remember her as manifesting a strong motherly presence.

Skills: Climb 80%, Hide 80%, Jump 80%, Sneak 90%

Sanity Loss: There is no Sanity loss for seeing Mirror.

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