HPLFilmFest: Portland – Jeffrey Combs Confirmed! Less than 3 days left in the 2015 Kickstarter!

From the folks behind the HPLovecraft FilmFest Portland comes this exciting announcement!

With a mere three days left in our 2015 Kickstarter campaign, here’s a quick update on what’s happening:

Jeffrey Combs, who was a guest at the very first H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, will be our honored guest this October! Mr. Combs will be on hand to speak about Re-Animator and the many other Lovecraftian films he was a part of, as well as to read aloud the stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

Jeffrey Combs starred in at least 9 films based on Lovecraft's stories, but he is most infamous for his portrayal of Herbert West in Re-Animator.
Jeffrey Combs starred in at least 9 films based on Lovecraft’s stories, but he is most infamous for his portrayal of Herbert West in Re-Animator.

Your first chance at meeting Mr. Combs will be at the Speakeasy VIP party on Thursday, Oct 1. Plus, all Kickstarter backers who pledge at any “Attend 3-day”, “VIP”, “Experience”, or “All Access” levels will have a chance, through a random drawing, to be part of a one hour breakout session with Mr. West himself. The only way to take part in this casual session, limited to only 10 attendees, is by backing this Kickstarter at one of those levels, so don’t wait to buy your tickets later!


Over the course of the last couple weeks, through shiftings in Kickstarter backers, a few Speakeasy Party tickets have become available. As of this writing, there were still a few Speakeasy VIP tickets left, so check out the campaign before they’re gone.


We have also reached a number of stretch goals:

  • Patch now included in the Expedition Kit ( add on one for $8 or both for $15)
  • Best of 2015 DVD unlocked (add on for $16)
  • Richard Lupoff will be joining us
  • Classic Short Films DVD volume 1 (add on for $16)
  • Leeman Kessler will perform Ask Lovecraft Live!
  • Postcards from R’lyeh now included at all levels $40 and above (add on set of 3 for $5)

But there are still 2 stretch goals left to conquer!

  • Volume 2 of Classic Short Films
  • Cash Prizes with Film Awards

If we reach our next stretch goal, we’ll be producing a second volume of Classic Short Films from the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and packaging it, along with Classic Short Films Vol. 1 and our Best of 2015 DVD, in a special slipcase. If we reach that level, all backers who have pledged a reward level at or above Traveler from Beyond The Stars, will receive not just the Best of 2015 DVD, not just the Classics Vol. 1 DVD, and not just the Classics Vol. 2 DVD, but ALL THREE DVDs in the slipcase. Everyone else will be able to add the single DVD by adding $16 to their pledge ($22 in Canada, $26 in the rest of the world), or $46 for the whole set ($57 in Canada, $62 in the rest of the world).

The final stretch goal allows us to give cash prizes along with the Awards for Best Short Film and Best Feature Film. This can help a filmmaker submit their film to many festivals and help offset their travel expenses. We want great indie films to be seen by as many people as possible, and this is a small way we can help to make that happen!

We hope to see you at the festival!

Gwen & Brian

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