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While some of you may be wondering as to the validity of the e-mail you may or may not have recently recieved from me, I assure you, it is very accurate. The server migration project is finishing Phase 1 of our evil schemes. The web, e-commerce, and mailing lists are all migrated(ing depending on your location) over to the new boxes. As such, the official Chaosium mailing lists are now temporarily down. Clicking the MORE link below will reveal my original e-mail sent to ALL the subscribers of the various lists.From [email protected] Wed Mar 26 04:21:04 2003

From: [email protected] (Matt Wiseman)

Date: 25 Mar 2003 23:21:04 -0500

Subject: [Resubscribe] Please ReSubscribe

Message-ID: <1048652465.23998.959.camel@cletus>

With this e-mail the final steps in the server migration

are complete. As such all the old mailing lists are being recreated.

If you are recieving this e-mail, chances are, you are on one, if not

more of them. Here are the URL’s to resubscribe. They should be active

within 24 hours, until they are, you will recieve a 404 error visiting

these pages. Please note: If you are a Digest subscriber of a

particular list, you can re-specify that when you sign back up.

chaos-digest A Digest for all of Chaosium’s Games

The R’lyeh Report The Chaosium Information ML

eternal-champion The Eternal Champion ML

mythos The Mythos CCG ML

retailer-list The Chaosium Retail List (Retailers only please)

strange-aeons The Call of Cthulhu ML

Your humble servant,

Matt "TrollBoy" Wiseman


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