Their rough shape is the only semblance of humanity that remains. They are more like their god now than man. Gaunt, potbellied, skin turned to a browned leather. Thin skin stretches from their wrists to their hips, making weak wings. Their faces are a horrifying blend of human and bat. There isn’t a one that is not caked in blood. Always clicking. Always hissing. If there such a place as Hell, it is populated by these things.

Alternative names: vampires, camazotz, ghala, the wretched

In nightmare warrens beneath Appalachia, Central Africa, and Mexico teem the Olitiau. Once human members of a depraved cult dedicated to Tsathoqqua, the god blessed them for their devotion. It granted them immortality, so they may spend their days in ecstatic worship. Over time their bodies changed to better resemble their god.

For their thirst for blood and depredations, Olitiau were driven underground after a prehistoric conflict with humanity. In their prison-tombs, they have spent millennia in orgiastic worship of Tsathoqqua, breeding and feeding upon one another. As their appearance has become more bestial, their intelligence has waned. Their rituals are rudimentary mimicry now, holding no real power.

Occasionally an Olitiau will escape to the surface world, where they glut themselves on human blood. Something compels them to engage in bizarre acts of cruelty as well mockery of human religion, as if they delight in human torment. Such escapees gave rise to legends of vampires.

The Gift: the Olitiau can pass on the blessings of Tsathoqqua through their bite. Anyone that survives the monster’s bite must make a Hard Luck roll or become an Olitiau in 1D6 days. The only cure is death.

Echolocation: through the centuries in the deep, Olitiau lost their eyes. Nothing remains of them but tiny holes that leak a milky discharge. They navigate the world through echolocation, constantly issuing shrill clicks and whistles. Loud noises may disrupt this ability, effectively blinding them.

Flight: on the surface or in large caverns, Olitiau can glide on their membranous wings. Only a few individuals are capable of true flight.

Light Sensitivity: though sightless, Olitiau are somehow able to sense light. While light does not harm them, they will avoid it if possible, and will even flee from bright lights.

Immortality: Olitiau only die through violence.

Olitiau, origin of the legends


(3D6+6) × 5
3D6 × 5
3D6 × 5
(3D6+6) × 5
2D6 × 5
3D6 × 5


Average Hit Points: 10–11
Average Damage Bonus: +1D4
Average Build: 1
Average Magic Points: 10
Move: 8 / 6 Gliding/Flying


Attacks per round: 2 (claws, bite)
Olitiau prefer to stalk prey from the shadows, pouncing upon them and using its bite attack. In a straight fight, they will slash from their claws, then drink from dispatched enemies at their leisure.
Bite: On a successful bite attack, the victim must make a successful POW roll or become paralyzed. The Olitiau will drain 2D10 CON in blood from the paralyzed victim each round until the victim dies. The victim may re-roll POW each round to end the effect.

Bite 50% (25/10), damage 1D4 + special (see above)
Claws 50% (25/10), damage 1D6 + 1D4
Dodge 40% (20/8)

Skills: Climb 80%, Listen 95%, Stealth 85%.

Armor: None, but due to the blessings of Tsathoqqua, non-magical weapons due minimum damage.
Spells: Those few that have retained their intelligence know 1D4 spells, relating to Tsathoqqua, blood, and darkness.
Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 Sanity points to encounter an Olitiau.

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