The Undying Ahsuha (Unique Entity)

After Professor Mitchell was murdered, he found this file folder in a locked cabinet. Nothing in it but photographs. Here is one of Edison. Here is one of Mashara Hussein right before the US dropped a cruise missile on him. In each one, behind the subject is another man. Tall. Thin. Never the same race but similar features. Almost like they could all be cousins. This is the weird part. Here’s a picture of a Carthaginian bust of a noble that lived during the Second Punic War. This is a photo of a coin featuring a Bithynian noble, that history tells us is the man who betrayed Hannibal to the romans. Both have features similar to the people in the photos! On the back of each photo is the date it was taken, or when the bust or coin was made, and the caption “Ahsuha”. What do you think it means?

A man dressed in a sharp three piece suit, an evil smirk on his face. Pieces of skin are feeling from his face, revealing reptilian scales and eye underneath

Throughout history he has held many names and titles. Cobra King, venerated as a living god in Na-oth, the early human civilization that constructed Göbekli Tepe. He served as custodian of Ashurbanipal’s library, directing the king’s conquests so he could loot the knowledge of other nations. During the Severan dynasty he was an influential Praetorian that sold Rome to the highest bidder. In the Gilded Age he was the capital fueling the great inventors of the era. He appears in photographs with dictators and presidents, though never wearing the same face. In the modern day, he is a powerful bureaucrat within an NGO, able to direct resources and sometimes armies where he sees fit. All those names and positions conceal a truth, he is no mere man. He is the Undying Ahusha, an immortal serpent folk that has manipulated humanity for millennia to satisfy his own temporal greed for power. 

Even the Undying Ahusha does not know how old he is, his exact origins, or the cause of his unending life, a side effect of his immortality. In his dreams there are vague, mist-filled visions of a great serpent folk city, possibly red-litten Yoth and wars between the cults of Yig and Tsathoggua. His earliest clear memories are from over 12,000 when he ruled Na-oth. But his memories across the intervening millennia between then and now are not complete. There are gaps the size of centuries. The Undying Ahusha often employs archaeologists and historians to uncover evidence of his history. He also pays them to cover it up as well. Still, there are scattered references to him in arcane texts hinting at his true nature. 

Over the millennia he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and arcane power.

Since the fall of his dynasty in Na-oth, the Undying Ahsuha has avoiding direct rule. He finds it more advantageous to be the power behind the throne in any nation or organization he commands. This provides him a layer of anonymity and thus protection, allowing his puppets to take the fall when things inevitably collapse. Despite his machinations, the Undying Ahsuha has learned that even his machinations eventually fail. However, he also learned to recognize the cycle of ascent and disaster, manipulating events to best benefit himself.

The Undying Ahsuha cares nothing for the whims of the gods, helping and hindering their servants as fits his interests. He cares only about growing and maintaining his power. Thus, he is likely to work against those that would seek the return of the gods. The Undying Ahsuha has a particular hatred of Nyarlanthotep and those that serve him. This does not mean anyone fighting the forces of the Mythos should consider him an ally. They are just pawns in his greater schemes, using them and disposing of them as best suits him. 

Shed: This is the key to the Undying Ahsuha’s immortality. Sometime in his distant past he somehow gained the ability to shed his skin. It revitalizes him, turning back the ravages of age, heals wounds and cures diseases. The process occurs naturally every other century. The Undying Ahsuha has limited control over his shedding, able to do it at will if he spends 60 POW. After shedding, his STR, CON, and DEX are reduced by half, regenerating at 1 point per day. He cannot shed against until his POW is restored. He may also use this ability to change his appearance. 

Undying Ahsuha, serpent in the shadows


Hit Points: 11

Damage Bonus: 0

Build: 0

Magic Points: 12

Move: 8


Attacks per round: 1 (weapon or bite)

The Immortal Ahsuha has the usual range of attacks open to humanoids. He may use any weapon a humanoid can use, in addition to his venomous bite.

Bite: Like all Serpent People, the Undying Ahsuha has a venomous bite. On a successful bite attack, the loses 1D8 Hit Points and must make a successful Extreme CON roll or lose 1D10 Hit Points per round as the venom eats away at their body.  

FightingBite65% (32/13), damage 1D3 or weapon damage 55% (27/11), damage 1D8 + venom
Dodge45% (22/8)


Charm 90%, Cthulhu Mythos 75%, Fast Talk 90%, History 90%, Language (Naacal) 50%, Language (all major human languages) 80%, Occult 80%, Persuade 90%.

Armor: 2 points of hard skin. Unless his body is destroyed (such as with fire or acid), at 0 Hit Points, the Undying Ahsuha will shed his skin and regenerate all lost Hit Points. 

Spells: Numerous, concentrating on spells of control, subterfuge, and disguise, such as Dominate and Consume Likeness. 

Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to witness the true form of the Immortal Ahsuha.   

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