The Jailer (Unique Entity)

Lurch by lurch, it squeezed itself through the narrow hallway. A trail of slime on the corrosion-eaten walls and floor marked its passage. It was something of a man with the fact of an insect. Mandibles worked back and forth, and over themselves, as if it were tasting the air. It seemed to have a slug-like lower half. Only when it dragged itself closer could we that a curtain of flesh, pulled down by the heavy locks hooked into the skin, concealed its legs. Keys worked into the fingers on one of its hands clinked and clanked against one another incessantly.    

Alternative names: Low Xopolhiti, Lord of the Regents, Ruler of the Abattoir

There's only keys on one hand. It is somewhat humanoid, but the heavy locks on its back have pulled down the skin on its back, creating a slug-like appearance.
The Jailer by DOTURNAL

When Cornelius Trafford Hughes and his Pleaides Society opened the Abattoir at the beginning of the 20th Century, Xopolhiti manifested itself as the Jailer to greet them with their ultimate award. The Jailer transformed their physical forms becoming a better reflection of their twisted, hideous inner selves. The Regents have near free reign over the Abattoir and anyone that enters, but the Jailer is its true ruler. Even those monsters fear the Jailer. 

The Jailer patrols the Abattoir, searching for anyone foolhardy or unfortunate enough to enter the stinking, rusting realm. Anyone not under the “care” of entities like the Giggling Man or the Regents are soon caught and made into an agonist, the Jailer’s servants. There do exist some humans that have managed to elude the Jailer, living like rats within the walls and stinking, blood-stained corridors of the Abattoir. Their lifespans are short. 

On occasion, the Jailer spills through the wounds that connect Earth and the Abattoir. On Earth as in the Abattoir, it enslaves any human it comes across as an Agonist. Fortunately, it finds existence on Earth unbearable and cannot exist here long. 

Lock: after overpowering a victim (through an opposed STR roll), the Jailer places a heavy lock around their neck. Unless the victim makes a successful Hard POW roll, they will begin to transform into an agonist. Unless the lock is somehow removed, the torturous process will be completed in 24 hours. Even if the victim is killed, the process will continue, bringing the victim back to life as an agonist.

Using the keys embedded in its fingers, the Jailer can automatically remove the locks around the necks of Regents or agonists. This typically destroys them.

Placing the lock around the neck of a fresh corpse (dead a day or less), resurrects the body and begins the transformation into an agonist. Removing this lock reverts the agonist back into a corpse. 

Teleport: By spending 1 Magic Point, the Jailer can teleport to any spot within the Abattoir. 


Though cults dedicated to Xopolhiti exist, there is no organized worship of the Jailer. A few madmen, such as serial killers, may worship it, but they are rare. Even the powerful, sado-masochistic Lestriconi ghoul-cult, which has regular dealings with the Abattoir, avoids the Jailer. They possess dangerous magics that blind the entity to their presence temporarily. 

Anyone contacting Xopolhiti itself is likely to find it manifest as the Jailer. Bargains can be struck with the entity, though the benefits of these deals are dubious at best. 

The Jailer, manifestation of the Abattoir


Hit Points: 16

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Build: 3

Magic Points: 12

Move: 5


Attacks per round: 2 (fighting or crush)

The Jailer may slash and stab with the keys embedded in its hand or crush a victim’s limbs in its hands. 

Crush (mnvr): the Jailer grabs a victim. The victim cannot move, though they may still attack if they have a free hand and may break loose on a successful opposed STR roll. If the victim is unable to break free, they suffer 2D6 Hit Point damage on the Jailer’s next attack. In addition, they lose 2D6 CON and STR points as their bones turn to dust in the Jailer’s grasp. 

FightingCrush (mnvr)55% (22/11), damage 2D660% (30/12), damage 2D6 + 2D6 STR and CON
Dodge15% (7/3)



Armor: None, but all mundane attacks do 1 point of damage. If reduced to 0 Hit Points, the Jailer will dissolve and reform within a week. 

Spells: Any deemed appropriate by the Keeper. 

Sanity Loss: 2/2D8 to encounter the Jailer 

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