I’m entering the cause of death for that family as “animal attack, unknown.” Thing is…and this has to stay between us…thing is, I know what killed them. But there’s no way I’m making it official. I’d lose my job and no other coroner’s office would ever hire me again. The evidence is undeniable. The fur samples we found around the farmhouse tell us what kind of animal did it. Bats. The bite marks on their bodies tell us. They look just like bats…except bigger. Bigger than any bat in existence.  

Alternative names: Cave Devils, the Swarm. 

Multiple large bats covering the body of a screaming man, draining the blood from him. The bats have grasping hands, using them to cling to the man.
Chiroptera by DOTURNAL

Bats once thrived in the hills of central Appalachia. They roosted in the deep caves and ancient trees. The old forests and decaying underbrush teemed with more insects than even the bats could eat. Then coal was discovered. The hills were hollowed out. Their tops blasted away. The ancient trees were scoured away to build the railroads that carried the coal away. The bats dwindled, victims of progress. Some migrated to other regions in search of food and homes. Some eked out existence on the blasted landscape. 

Others sought refuge deeper in the caves. There in the sunless, stygian depths, they found the rotting corpse of the dead god entombed beneath the mountains. Starving, the bats fed on it decaying flesh, gnawed on its bones, slurped up its putrescence. As they gorged on the strange, unnatural matter that formed the god, the bats grew twisted. Their appetites grew twisted along with their bodies. 

With the body of the god picked clean, the bats still hungered. They emerged from the nightmare tomb of the god, seeking more food. They have descended upon lone hikers, campers, and small towns along the trails and hollers of Appalachia. Efforts have been made by the government to exterminate the creatures. The results have been disastrous. 

Echolocation: chiroptera eyes are useless. They are immune to bright lights, as well as attacks or spells that depend on the victim’s sight. They navigate effortlessly through echolocation. However, loud noises can disorient them. 

Chiroptera, spewn from the earth

STR(1D6+2) x 525
CON(2D6+2) x 545
SIZ(2D6+4) x 555
DEX4D6 x 570
INT2D6 x 535
POW3D6 x 550

Average Hit Points: 10

Average Damage Bonus: -1

Average Build: -1

Average Magic Points: 10

Move: 2/8 flying


Attacks per round: 1 (bite) or 1 (cling)

Chiroptera fight by clinging on to an opponent and biting. While a single chiroptera may not be a threat to an adult human, they attack in swarms.

Bleed: the saliva of chiroptera contains a powerful anti-coagulate. After suffering a bite attack, the victim loses 1D6 points of STR each round in blood loss. Bleeding will continue until they receive medical treatment or make a successful Hard STR roll.  

Cling (mnvr): On a successful attack against an opponent, the chiroptera latches on to them. The opponent loses 1 Hit Point as claws hook into their flesh. The chiroptera will bite the victim each round it is latched. The victim may tear away the monster with a successful contested STR roll. The victim will lose 1 addition Hit Point as the claws rip away skin.  

FightingClingDodge60% (30/12), damage 1D4 + damage bonus55% (26/11), damage cling + 1 Hit Point + 1D4 Hit Points each round after. 55% (26/11), chiroptera may only dodge attacks against them while flying. 

Armor: None. 

Spells: None.  

Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to encounter a chiroptera.  

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