Some of you visiting the site, may have noticed a big red screen on your browsers announcing this site as a no-good-nic.  Well it would be correct.  Shoggoth.net runs wordpress and had several wordpress plugins installed, as you would do with a wordpress site.  Wordpress, unfortunately, is not that secure.. and with various plugins that even makes it more so.  As such attackers were able to get in and add their own bits of code to the site to do naughty things.  Upon discovering the hack, we immediately sprung into action. All the offending code has been deleted, a fresh untouched out of the box install of wordpress has been put up, with *no* plugins installed. I also went the extra step of turning the entire site read-only.  You are still able to submit stories, etc.. but no files can be written to the hard drive, this makes it so even if the hackers come back and try to use the same trick they used before to hack us.. they physically are unable to write the to the disk.   I have submitted the site to Google to be scanned and have the warning removed, but that is what is going on right now.

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