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OctoberNomicon Voting Begins…

Thanks to everyone who participated in our OctoberNomicon! Voting begins today! Voting will be open until the 15th, at which point voting for the art begins. Which means, you’re still free to submit art entries until the 15th. Good luck to everyone! You don’t need to register to vote, and multiple votes are allowed, so vote for all the monsters you like!

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Augustus Cantos Winners!

Our winners are:

  1. John Almack: Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah)
  2. Simon Yee: The Unspoken Silence
  3. Guy Incognito: Augustus Cantus: The Tenders of the Stone

Congrats to all that participated! To the winners, please reach out to [email protected] to arrange your prizes!

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NaNoWriMo Update: Day 1

Hey there Eldritch NaNoWriMo‘ers (we should work on the name…suggestions currently being accepted),

What’s the damage? How have you all done today?

I did a local Write-In and managed to get a little over 2400!

ROLL CALL!!! What have you done today! Off to a good start? What stories are you writing? Any great cover art?

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