The woolen outer god

Yog-Sock’thoth knows the laundry room. Yog-Sock’thoth is the laundry room. Yog-Sock’thoth is the detergent and the guardian of the laundry room. – H.P. Lovecraft (-ish).

You know how those socks disappear when you’re putting away the laundry? You swear you had a pair but can’t for the life of you find the second one. Bit spooky, isn’t it!

Yog-Sock’thoth is a manifestation of the many threads of chaos that are derived from the frantic search for each sock’s missing partner that has slipped into the spaces between reality. Unknowable, those who have glimpsed beyond the veil perceive this entity as a blasphemous mockery of the key in the gate, appearing as a heretical sock-puppet perched on a pseudopod of the blind idiot god at the center of the universe.

Many people have turned to worshiping Yog-Sock’thoth after being driven insane by the cosmic mystery of their missing socks. The cult of Yog-Sock’thoth spans millennia, ever since the Romans began sewing fabrics together to make fitted socks called “udones”. Cultists tend to congregate in industrial laundry settings (initially water courses, and later washhouses) and worship crude woolen effigies of this deity.

Yog-Sock’thoth, woolen outer god


CON: 400

SIZ: 5

DEX: varies depending on whose appendage it is perched.

INT: 40

POW: 100

HP: 400

Damage Bonus:


Magic Points: 20

Move: varies depending on whose appendage it is perched.


Attacks per round: 1


Transport (contested POW roll, failure results in target being transported to anywhere in the known universe that there is an unpaired sock).

Unravel 100% (the target is unwound and their fibers become tangled with Yog-Sock’thoth)

Armor: none, but only magic or enchanted weapons can damage Yog-Sock’thoth.

Skills: Art/Craft (Puppetry) 100%.

Spells: Yog-Sock’thoth knows all spells

Sanity Loss: 1D10/1D100 Sanity points for seeing Yog-Sock’thoth

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