Yellow Baboon / Sacred Animal of Ancient Gods

This common African primate is just under three feet tall, and weights between twenty-four and fifty pounds. They are social animals, living in troops of between fifty and two hundred and fifty members. The yellow baboon has yellowish brown fur, an elongated dog-like snout with very intimidating canines, long limbs, and a long tail on their slim body. They are excellent climbers and swimmers. They are opportunistic omnivores, with a well-deserved reputation for being aggressive, raiding people camps, farms, or settlements for food. In combat they can throw stones and deliver vicious bites.

Yellow Baboon / Sacred Animal of Ancient Gods
Char.  Averages rolls
STR   60 (2D6+5) x 5
CON   50 3D6 x 5
SIZ   40 (2D6+1) x 5
DEX     45 (2D6+2) x 5
POW   55 3D6 x 5
HP  10
Av. Damage Bonus: none
Average Build: 0
Average Magic Points: 11
Move 12 / 9 Climbing / 6 swimming
Attacks per round: 1 (Bite or hurled stone)
Fighting Attacks: Bite or hurled stone
Fighting, Bite 45% (30 / 6), 1D4+db
Fighting, Hurled Stone 30% (15 / 6), 1D3
Dodge 30% (16 / 6)  
Armor: 1 point of fur.
Skills: Climb 80%, Jump 50%, Listen 30%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 60%, Throw 30%.

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