Trans-dimensional Mites

These tiny creatures are not of this, or any world. Rather, they dwell in spaces in-between worlds and are attracted to weak points where two dimensions overlap, especially gates created by mythos magic. Here they nibble at the edges of trans-dimensional passages, weakening them, making them less reliable, having them fail or transport the traveler to a random location on a critically failed luck roll. If left unchecked trans-dimensional can destroy a gate by having it collapse in upon itself, a process that takes about a decade of unchecked infestation.  

Trans-dimensional mites appear as an large Common Woodlouse, about the size of a tarantula, with a pair of long thin pincers at the front of their bodies, similar to those of a Deathstalker scorpion. Beneath their bodies are a pair of long, spring jointed legs allowing the creatures to jump up to 12 feet with a good degree of accuracy (50%). A small gate can support an infestation of perhaps a dozen individuals, while larger ones could support up to a hundred. 

A bug, semi-transparent, about as foot long, with the body of a wood louse and the claws of a deathwatch scorpion.
Transdimensional Mites by Tayna Rezunenko

Most people never encounter such creatures because they only appear near gates they’re feeding upon. Trans-dimensional mite grown more translucent the further they are away from the gate they are feeding upon. When more than 150 feet from a gate or interdimensional weak point they have a natural stealth score of 85%. They become more visible the closer they are to it, their stealth being reduced by 10% every 15 feet (75% at 135 – 121 feet; 65% at 120 – 106 feet; 55% at 105 – 91 feet; 45% at 90 feet, and any closer than 85 feet they have a stealth score of 25%).    

If left alone Trans-dimensional mites are harmless but are easily startled. Like bees they will give their own life in defense of their colony. When threatened these creatures leap at target, attempting to land on them and hold themselves in place with their claws. If successful they explode in a burst of energy, disintegrating whatever they are in contact with, inflicting 1D4 points of damage. This automatically happens when they are killed, an unpleasant and potentially deadly surprise to anyone stomping or punching one.

Trans-dimensional Mite, Eaters of Gates and Sorcerers Bane

Char. Averages rolls

STR   05 05 

CON   10 (6D6+5) x 5

SIZ   05 05 

DEX   10 (1D3+5) x 5

INT   05 05

POW   50 (3D6) x 5

HP 2

Av. Damage Bonus: n/a

Average Build: -1

Average Magic Points: 10

Move 9


Attacks per round: 1 (exploding leap)

Fighting Attacks: Individuals can explode at will in a burst of matter disrupting energy or automatically when killed.  

Exploding Leap 50% (20 / 8) 1D4 

Dodge 42% (21 / 8)  

Armor: 1 point chitons shell

Skills: Jump 50%, Stealth (varies between 85% and 25%, see description), 

Sanity Loss: 0/1D3 to encounter trans-dimensional mites. 

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